This past week has certainly been a tumultuous one for the Year 12 cohort. 


On Tuesday, we were finally given our Year 12 hoodies! Mrs Binnion made it very clear that we were the only cohort that had ever received the hoodies this early - and although it was a 24 degree day - the hoodies stayed on. The Year 12 common room was abuzz, with everyone turning around to compare nicknames and commenting on how good the hoodie fits them. 


A big thank you is owed to the Year 11 Senior School Council members from last year, and our wonderful Student Managers, who eagerly got the hoodie process started significantly earlier than usual. 


Although the start to the term has obviously been a very positive one for the Year 12s, we were all saddened to hear that our esteemed principal Mrs Binnion would be retiring at the end of the year. We’re very grateful that she’s been able to lead us in our 6 years at McKinnon, but the McKinnon community will miss her dearly following the departure. After her announcement, she was already crowded by Year 12s who were very upset with her retirement. She’s the glue that holds the school together, and we all adore her so much. 


It’s a special feeling to know that she’ll ‘graduate’ alongside us, and after 15 years as Principal, she’s decided to step down with us. 


We may only be one week into Term 2, but it’s clear from week 1 that this term is only going to get even crazier!

Sophia Diegelmann
Sophia Diegelmann

Sophia Diegelmann

Senior Captain


With the new start to the term, the East Campus is as busy as ever. You can really see how excited everyone is to be back and to see their friends and teachers again. Sports and clubs are starting again with badminton, debating, volleyball, netball and much more. 


Don’t forget about the Winter uniform, which starts in week 3. The suggestion form is on its way and I hope you are ready to give your feedback, however, our new campus is looking great with new benches out back as well as a stunning landscape. A tremendous applause has to go to the staff of the East Campus for keeping it so clean, but also to the students who have helped out. 


All of us Year 9s are very excited for our upcoming camp and hope that it will not be cancelled, as our Year 7 one was. Much hype is surrounding it but first we must go through Naplan and Parent, Teacher and Student conferences.


There are many events to look forward to this term such as Cross Country and don’t forget to wear a splash of pink. Running club is starting soon for anyone interested and wanting to prepare for the upcoming race.


We are very excited for the new term and are looking forward to what it has to hold for us.

Jake Lasnitzki
Jake Lasnitzki

Jake Lasnitzki

Junior Captain