As part of the measurement topic students explored how to derive various formulas through kinaesthetic activities to enhance their engagement and improve discussion of key concepts and skills. 

Here are some of the student’s responses to the task:


While exploring the area and volume in class, we had a few activities with playdough and 3D angry birds. They were a lot of fun and a good way to get people to work together in groups, a way to get people to be actually interested in Math. 


Using playdough as a visual representation as for diameter and radius for the circumference of circles. Whereas, when using 3D nets to figure out perimeter, area and volume are helpful but even more engaging when they have characters on. Hands-on visual activities like these are really good for learning, especially for visual learners”.


Zane Rembach

Year 8I


We have been learning about the area and circumference of circles. Our class used playdough to discover different sizes of circle and learnt how to find the circumference and radius as part of our math topic. 


Each person in my group got a piece of playdough, each of different colour and size. We all rolled our playdough until it was a round strip, then the person with the longest piece of playdough made a circle and the person with the second longest piece would make a circle just inside the bigger circle and this continued until everyone placed their piece and made a rainbow circle pancake. 


I cut the circle half way and measured the line, which was our radius. We took apart our circles and turned each piece back into a line then measured them all individually to find the length of every circle. We could determine the total area of our circle. This was a fun learning experience and a great fun way to learn about circles as a team”.


Audrey Gelberg 

Year 8J



“I learnt how to form a cube.”  Sienna Orr 


“It was fun to learn.” Leah Cohen


“It was fun, I liked gluing it.” Sonia Hentworth


“I love angry birds, I was sad when mine was destroyed.”  Matthew Davis 


“We were learning about total surface area and angry birds together.” Vasant Mogalla


“I enjoyed putting all the pieces together.” Violet Loquet 

Year 8 Mathematics Team

McKinnon SC