Physical Education 

Olivia Nesbitt


​Physical Education 

On the 27th of July, a whopping 318 students from year 3 to 6 went off to Dolomore Track for Athletics day. The number of students that attended was the largest number ever for Kingswood Primary School. Even the sun decided to join us on the day, making the day pleasantly warm. Students competed in 100m and 200m sprints. The optional events included 800m and Hurdles proved to be very popular on the day and a high number of students opted in to compete in these.

Thanks to everyone who came along and tried their best. You all made the day a memorable Athletics Carnival for many.

Where to next: 49 students will be heading back to the same track on Friday 31st August, to enjoy a day at the Mordialloc District Athletics Carnival. Keep an ear out for news on how the Kingswood Primary School Team goes. We wish them all the best and a great day.