Principal's News

New Website

After a long wait the new website has been launched today.  The address is the same:, but you will notice a change to the layout.  There are a couple of pages still under construction, which will be completed in the near future. 

Staffing for 2020

Principal: Robyn James

Assistant Principal: Dean Napier

Learning Specialists: Andrea Quinn, Ben Parker, Jill Potter

Prep: Teresa Ashton, Caroline Bowler, Jenny Cracknell (Level Leader), Sonia Schinck (Level Leader) and Andie Youren

Year 1: Jana Bennett / Jill Moss, Sarah Duell (Level Leader), Cheryl Saaksjarvi, Brooke Stirling and Tahlia Holsinger

Year 2: Chris De Lange, Deb Hall / Celia Umow, Will Postill (Level Leader) and Andrea Quinn / Lyndal Heywood

Year 3: Sam Amos, Jacki Anderson, Mary Liolios and James Prantzos (Level Leader)

Year 4: Chelsea Bower /  Emma Donaldson, Nick Bugeja (Level Leader), Veronica Moloney and Jill Potter / Lyndal Heywood

Year 5: Barry Gallagher, Joel Nestor (Level Leader), and Helen Recht / Jill Moss

Year 6: Cadell Duke, Sarah Lee (Level Leader) and Ben Parker / Lyndal Heywood

PE: Adam Kelly and Barb Byrt

Art: Kate Jenkinson (Specialists Leader) and Simin Jin

Performing Arts: Barb Byrt and Jo Campbell

Mandarin: Shasha Guo and Simin Jin

Support: Giuliana Bertucci

Nurse:  Aasta Dressel-Debruyn

Office: Jeanette Davies and Craig Kendall

Integration Aides: Clare Blake, Heidi Clark, Fiona Clarke, Kerry Hayley, Noah Sims and Rachael van der Geer

Child Safety

The beginning of the school year is a good time to remind parents of the need to educate their child on keeping safe, particularly when they are in public without an adult supervising or online.

Some of our students walk themselves to school and home again and many of our students have or use devices connected to the online environment and it is important for them to have strategies in place for when they feel unsure, uncomfortable or unsafe.

Teachers cover these conversations several times throughout the year, as part of our cybersafety curriculum, during social skills curriculum (including anti bullying) and other child safety curriculums (including stranger danger), also when we are alerted to potential or possible situations in the local area.

Some of the strategies we will talk to the students about include:

  • Being alert and aware of the environment around you
  • Nothing is ever so awful that you can’t tell someone
  • Recognising the signs your body has to alert you to possible dangers
  • Who are the people you can trust and tell things to
  • The safety of moving in groups
  • Not talking to strangers
  • Not accepting gifts from strangers
  • Not accepting friend requests online from people you don’t know
  • Avoiding online chat rooms
  • Don’t give personal details to anyone over the internet
  • Being assertive
  • Being resilient
  • Being a good friend
  • Inappropriate touching

Parents can also support their child by having regular discussions around personal safety, including online.  There are several websites that provide support material for teachers and parents, please find some of them listed below.

If parents have any questions, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher.

Robyn James