Principal's Message

Mr David Leslie




Every Day is a New Adventure!

This is certainly true at the moment. School has started back well for Term 3, with students and teachers keen to be back and pressing on with learning. Many of us have observed that the students have never before seemed so happy to be returning after a set of school holidays. It is always when things are taken away from us that we realise how valuable they are to us.


The College has introduced two very significant extra precautions since term resumed. We have commenced temperature checking of all students every morning. This has meant a change to the morning routine, with a good number of extra staff on duty earlier than previously. Both students and staff have adapted quickly to this new routine, and teachers are reporting some unexpected benefits in terms of being able to greet students at the start of the day, encouraging smart wearing of uniform, monitoring those we may need some extra support and the like. 


The other extra precaution is the wearing of masks. I want to thank all of our families for your support of this important action. From day one, there has been universal compliance by students and staff, and your support has been crucial to this success. Many families have commented positively on our featuring in local & regional media – this has helped to draw attention to all of the safety precautions we need to be taking. Our aim is to keep everyone safe and keep the College open as long as possible, so that students can maximise their learning opportunities.


Thank you to those families who have completed your Insight SRC surveys. If you were one of those chosen in the survey sample, please complete this as soon as possible, the survey closes this Friday.


Also in this newsletter is an important invitation to participate in a survey on behalf of the Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body. This organisation has the ability to present your views direct to the Victorian and Australian Education Ministers. It is an open invitation, I encourage you to spend a few minutes and log on to this survey.


There have been a number of reports about possible Covid-19 cases in our region and in our College communities. We are monitoring this situation closely and are keeping close contact with the authorities for direction and advice. A number of families have advised us of household members being tested, thank you for your co-operation. So far, all such tests have been negative. If someone in your household needs to be tested or isolated as a precaution, please let us know. The College will inform all families immediately should there be a need to take further action. If you have anything we should know or have concerns about this situation, please call me or any of the Deputy Principals, we will be happy to talk to you.


I have always been fond of the old “Irish Blessing”. I will sign off with its last line:

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.