Class Page -5/6H

5/6H Poetry


Epic Poem

The mighty hawk’s adventures were always as bold as bold can be.

He was amazing.

One day he missed a target and hit lava and that was the end of him. 

Or was it?

The whole world knew about it in a day or two and there was a big funeral for him.

But then, he was back.

By Arthur



Fish are for cats,

So are rats.

Cats don’t eat grass, 

Because they are fast.

By Briley


BUSHFIRE VS LAVA the heat is on!

Lava is as hot as a bushfire.

The lava goes higher and higher.

The tectonic plates brush against each other, 

And the lava goes higher and higher.

By Riley


My Minecraft mouse house...

I was playing Minecraft,

So I built a house.

But when it was done,

It looked like a mouse!

I went inside,

But wanted to die,

So I went to my kitchen,

And baked a pie,

In my house that looked like a mouse.

By Izaac



I like footy because it’s not trash,

Professional players make lots of cash. 

Geelong Cats are the best,

Unlike all the rest.

By Tyler



In the dark, dark World there’s a dark, dark 


In the dark, dark Sea there’s a dark, dark


In the dark, dark Fog there’s a dark, dark


In the dark, dark Monster there’s a dark, dark


In the dark, dark Whale there’s a dark, dark


In the dark, dark Shark there’s a dark, dark


By Seiona


Twisted Twigs

Twisted twigs twist among the twisted trees twirling and teasing to twist the minds of terrifying pterodactyl. 

By Summer


Nature's first green is gold.

Her last life to hold.

Her last leaf is a flower.

But Her only breath is in one hour.

By Thorny

                                                                                                                                                                        She was as sad as a big dark room. 

She wasn’t glad

What she was going though. 


In a corner of a room, 

Until the angels fly again.

By Tyeisha


Who Knows Me?

I don’t know my favourite food.

I don’t know my favourite thing to do.

I don’t know my favourite movie.

I don’t know my favourite smoothie.

I don’t know my favourite football team.

I don’t know anything. 

By Tyson Simpson