On Wednesday 26 August, the Year 12 students came into school and completed their final assessment for the year! 2020 has thrown a lot of challenges our way, but this is really something to celebrate. Mrs Jobson and Ms Lucarelli couldn‘t be more proud of the way they have conducted themselves over these last few months. A great sense of relief no doubt, to be finished the course - but an extensive and exciting 11 weeks of revision are coming up! Students celebrated yesterday with a small edible gift:




Below are a few comments on how the students feel heading into the final hurdle.


Yours in Business,

Mrs Kate Jobson and Ms Marie Lucarelli


Wednesday 26 August was a very special day for Business Management students as we concluded the coursework for the year. For what has seemed like a marathon with no finish line in sight, students felt relief and joy once “pens down” was announced in the final SAC. 


For what has been a tumultuous year for all, business students are thankful to Mrs Jobson and Ms Lucarelli for all their planning and hard work in ensuring students have been supported thoroughly and placed in a privileged position as we look towards completing the exam on 16 November. Business students are beginning to feel nervous yet excited as we embark on our revision period. 


Jessica Sailsbury 12K


Finishing my last SAC for Busman yesterday left me with more motivation to succeed in my final exam than ever. Busman has been one of my favourite subjects this year, with great support from the dedicated teachers and endless resources provided by them. Finishing all content makes me feel optimistic about the completion of Year 12. It finally feels like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel giving me all the more reason to put in the effort I may have lacked during the year. Heading into the revision period could be daunting to some, and I imagine will feel more stressful as the completion of my other subjects follow. 


Although I believe, the way the busman course has been set up has left us students with a huge amount of time for revision, relieving the extra pressure caused by final exams. As much as this subject has been one of the best, I am more than excited to have finished my last SAC as it is the first step closer to the completion of Year 12.



Josie Barr 12A


Going into my final SAC for Business Management, there were feelings of nervousness and pressure to put in my best effort and wanting to get a good result after all the study for it. The last two SACS I found the most difficult. These SACS counted for the most marks and the part that I found most challenging was the time constraint. My teacher Ms Lucarelli would often tell me that my writing was hard to read but I had to write so fast to be able to complete the whole SAC within the time given! 


As soon as our final Business Management SAC had finished there was a huge feeling of relief knowing that I had no more SACS for this subject and could now start focusing on studying for the final exam. It also meant that we are nearing the end of the year and Year 12 would soon be over. It was also great to be able to sit the SAC at school under exam conditions rather than at home and then have to do another validation SAC! I was really happy to see my friends before and after the SAC to have a quick catch up as this is one of things that I have really struggled with under the COVID constraints, not being able to see my mates at school everyday. 


The part that I enjoyed most of Business Management was being able to apply the business content to today’s current situation. I was able to learn about how QANTAS under the leadership of Alan Joyce has had to adapt under the COVID 19 crisis to ensure its survival in this Pandemic.


Harrison Crofts 12B


On Wednesday 26 August the Year 12 Business Management students sat the final SAC of the year that had been tailored to the new ongoing Covid-19 pandemic linking to ‘Australia’s Airway’ Qantas. There was a strong sense of relief with accomplishing this year's content although we were quickly reminded that it is now time to buckle up and study for our upcoming exam. We feel confident and have the correct amount of support and resources to be able to successfully finish this year off on a good note with our individual goals being met. 


Thanks to the wonderful Mrs Jobson and Ms Lucarelli, who have been helping us through this tough period of time.


Owen Lancelot 12G & Imogen Hardwick 12E


Business Management is a content heavy subject. Good thing we have a whopping eleven weeks until the exam, an entire term's worth of time. It removes a lot of stress to know that we have time to practice, prepare and (hopefully) smash out the exam as a cohort. It’s going to be one of my last “fresh starts” during my high school education. 


The time allotted to revision - supporting us because of the difficulties many students face when studying during COVID-19 - is not only beneficial but very necessary to ensure people can write their exam, get it done, and feel happy with what they have put in no matter what they get out. I sure am excited to get it done. 


Jedd Stein 12L



By this point in Business Management I think all of the students have finally fostered their love of learning the subject. Finishing the last SAC recently and knowing that the content is finally finished was a great stress reliever for all of us. It is also really comforting to know that we have a great revision program set up for the next 11 weeks written by our dedicated teachers. This helps give all of the Bus Man students the assurance that they can get the great result in the end of year examination. 


Finally, I would just like to thank Mrs Jobson and Ms Lucarelli for all the hard work they have put in to provide us with the best education possible, especially during these tough and challenging times.


Joseph Nowell 12I


After finishing the final Business Management SAC of the 2020 year on Wednesday, we are excited to have finished all the content early. We now enter a 11-week exam revision period which has been excellently laid out by our teachers. With this, it is not only nice to relieve some of the online stress of preparing for more SACS but this also gives us more time to go over all the content and complete more practice exams prior to the big day. 


We are all certain that with the revision tools we have we will have all the opportunities to do the best we can for the exam in mid-November.


Grant Sandler 12K



We've also created a Bus Man playlist for the students to feel good while they are studying - teacher and student requests! 



Yours in Business,

Mrs Kate Jobson and Ms Marie Lucarelli


In Year 9 students can pick an elective called Indigenous Studies, which explores Australian Aboriginal history, culture and literature. 


During remote learning we had a google meet with a guest speaker named Robert Bamblett, a: Yorta Yorta (VIC), Wiradjuri (NSW), Gunggari (QLD) and Bidjara (QLD) man. We started off by learning a traditional dance called ‘Sasa’, which was a dance taught to children to help keep their balance on canoes. Robert talked about hunting practices, how the didgeridoo got its name and how different types of boomerangs are used (yes, there’s more than one!). We explored the rights and responsibilities of people in Aboriginal communities, ceremonial practices and how Australia looked before and after colonisation. 


It was really interesting listening to the first hand experiences Robert shared and he was open to answering any questions we had. He passionately believes that it's not just ‘his’ culture and history but all of ours and that we should be proud to share it, continue to celebrate it and learn about it.


Kayla Graham

Year 9 Student