A compilation of these videos will be appearing in upcoming newsletters. The idea behind this was for students in Years 7 and 8 Sport to submit videos based on a series of challenges:

  • Pillow jumps – how many times they could jump over a pillow;
  • Around the world – moving a ball around their torso;
  • Tap up tennis challenge.

All these challenges are to test how many times the activity can be completed over a 60 second period.


Due to a great response from students for the sport jump challenge we have created a small video of their work. 


Well done to all students who completed the challenge, we look forward to seeing the next few challenges in upcoming weeks. 


Congratulations to all the students in Years 7 & 8 who are competing in the Virtual Track and Field events on the Schools Sport Victoria Website.


The idea behind the initiative was to have a go and get students active with participating and scoring points for the school. Overall, McKinnon is currently sitting on top of all primary and secondary state schools across Victoria. There have also been some great results from some students including:


Charlotte Van Amrooy (Year 7) - Triple Jump 8.78m


Sam Chilco-Burns (Year 7) - Tennis Ball Throw 14.92m


Dane Gerbic (Year 8) - 60 & 100 Metre Sprints


Ella Yang (Year 7) - who has competed in all the events available to students.


We hope that we can hold onto this spot with a few more events for students to compete in, in the coming weeks of sport.  


Below is the leaderboard: 



A big thank you must go out to Liam Adlington for running these events over the remote learning period. It has been great to see so many of our students being able to participate in these activities and we look forward to seeing some of the videos to come.


Jen Pemberton

Head of PE/Sport