Yr. 5/6 Canberra Camp

Last week the 5/6 classes headed to Canberra for our camp. 


Our first stop was the Australian War Memorial, where we had a guided tour and got to see the wartime history of Australia.

Next we went to Mt Ainsley to look at the landscape of Canberra and then to our accommodation.


Day two we went to the National Electoral Commission, where we learnt about elections and how and when we can vote. Next was a visit to Old Parliament House and a look at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. 

After lunch we walked through Reconciliation Place, explored The Royal Australian Mint & went rock climbing. Rock climbing was our favorite part of the day.


Day three started with Questacon, then we moved onto the National Gallery of Australia and then Parliament House, where we got to role play passing a bill in the House of Representatives. Mimi was our Prime Minister, Spencer was our Opposition Leader & Ruby was our Speaker. We passed a bill that TV ads are to be banned in kids tv shows.

Afterwards we played mini golf, tennis, kicked the footy & did handstands back at the caravan park.


Day four started with a tour of the National Museum of Australia, then a big walk around the Botanical Gardens. After lunch we went to the National Capital Exhibition where we learnt about how Canberra was named and developed. We got to make our own Capital City using building templates and maps. After this we headed to the National Archives of Australia where we saw the original Constitution. We also had to do a dictation test that was used for refugees to enter the country. It was really hard, because it was designed to make people fail.

We finished our last night at camp by watching Oddball in the common room.


Day five was an early start as we headed home with a stop over at The Dog on the Tuckerbox, Gundagai and the Submarine at Holbrook.

Sophia: The botanical gardens walk was my favorite part.

Riley C: I enjoyed the Parliament Role Play.

Emma: Looking at the art in the National Gallery was my favorite part.

Ryder: I enjoyed the Mint because I got to learn about coins I have collected.


Sophia, Riley C, Emma & Ryder.