School News

Marni Naa Pudni 

As always, this term is going super quickly and we are at the halfway mark of another term. Students are busy preparing for Sports Day and finishing learning to round out their year. Teachers are busy writing reports for the end of 2022 and formulating classes for 2023. There is always so much to do. Schools are very hectic communities and ensuring that our students always have the best possible learning experiences is always our focus.


Tomorrow is Sports Day and the weather is looking perfect for this wonderful event. Students and staff have been working really hard and are super excited about the day which includes the Colour Run. Please see the Sports Day page in the newsletter for further details.  


Just a reminder about the School Closure on Friday the 11th November and PFD on Monday 14th November. 


OSHC will be available on both days. Please see Rheanne for bookings. 


Governing Council

The Governing Council at Lockleys North Primary School is a hard-working group of parents and staff who work collaboratively to provide a quality learning environment for your children.


Its members are responsive to any issues that arise and their role is to determine the views of our local community with regard to the educational needs of the school. The Governing Council informs the Principal of these views and needs.


We have 4 vacancies starting in 2023 and are calling for nominations from members of the school community to stand for Council. Councillors elected serve for two years.  


Meetings are for about 2 hours (7.00-9.00pm) twice a term.  If you would like further information regarding Governing Council, or would like to nominate for a vacancy please email by Wednesday 17th November. 


There will be an election of people after this date in which the whole school community is provided with a voting slip if we have more nominations than vacancies.


We encourage parents to get involved and stand for election to Council. 


URGENT - Students Leaving LNPS at the end of 2022

We urgently require families to inform us if their child will be leaving LNPS in 2023.


We are in the final stages of class placements for 2023 and fluctuating enrolment numbers have a significant impact on this process. 


Please forward any information to Vanessa Rushe - or via phone at 84435544



Tyson and Mirjana