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Boys catching up with each other about their day, at After-School Study

  • Request for updated medical information on your son for the NSW February Census
  • Term 1 2018 Intake for Touch Typing & Handwriting courses
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • After-school Study Program (NOTE:  There will be no After School Study Program on Thursday 8th February due to a staff meeting)​
  • Maths Drop-in Centre

Request for updated medical information on your son for the NSW February Census

The Learning Support and Enrichment (LSE) Department is responsible for liaising with our Counselling team and gathering the necessary details (on nature of the condition, the latest diagnosis or doctor’s report, etc.) for the purposes of the upcoming NSW Census data compilation in February 2018. This is the annual, mandatory government census, involving the collection of information from all schools and families in the State.


To assist us with this task, we ask that you please check your son’s latest medical documentation for an updated diagnosis (or arrange to get one from his treating health practitioner) and send it in to the College, or via scan as a PDF and directly email to the following Student Support Staff member: Joanne Raheb-Mol, LSE Coordinator, on JRahebMol@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au (for learning difficulties and related conditions), or Rick Russo, Coordinator of Counselling Services on RRusso@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au (for all mental health and related conditions). Student Support staff welcome copies of such documentation at any time in the school year, and will be grateful for your ready assistance, each time your son’s doctor or therapist provides a review or update.


Medical information includes updated diagnostic reports, assessments and letters, from a registered doctor, psychologist, specialist or therapist, which identifies and/or confirms your son’s medical or psychological condition.


The College is required to provide summary information only to our advising body, the Catholic Education Commission (CEC). The information you provide will remain confidential between our school and our designated advisers at the CEC, as it is used for identification of support needs and school funding purposes.


Your forward-thinking action in this matter will directly benefit your son and his ability to succeed and enjoy his schooling, as the LSE and Counselling teams are able to update teachers confidentially about students and make recommendations about ways to better accommodate your son’s learning or emotional needs in the classroom, and in exam situations.


If you have queries about what documentation is required or if you have a query about any aspect of the above, please contact Joanne on JRahebMol@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au 

Term 1 2018 Intake for Touch Typing & Handwriting courses – limited places available

These are intensive small group courses, open to all students at SPX in Years 5-10, who are interested in improving vital writing and typing skills. They are proving to be a great way to enhance writing skills at school. Each course involves one nominated afternoon per week for a block of 8 weeks, and is run by our experienced occupational therapist and registered provider, Anna Orchard. For Term 1 2018, the courses will run for 8 consecutive sessions (with a break where the schedule is affected by the Easter holidays) at a cost of $280.00 for students. All classes are held at St Pius X College in the Leary Centre, LC1. Students who have attended these courses in the past and would like to reinforce and build on their skills, are also welcome to register (see flyers below for details).


Da Vinci Decathlon

Da Vinci Decathlon – interested boys should attend each Thursday lunchtime in LC1 (Yr 7 and 8), or in LC2 (Years 9 and 10) 

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an interschool one-day competition for motivated creative-minded students in May 2018, at Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga. It is an academic gala day of cultural and academic enrichment activities for teams of 8 students from Years 7-10. In past years, the Decathlon has proven a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for those involved as it poses challenging problems whilst encouraging teamwork. The Decathlon involves the following disciplines: Engineering, Art and Poetry, Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Philosophy, Creative Producers, Games of Strategy and General Knowledge. Boys who would like to train and have the opportunity to be selected are welcome to attend from Week 2.

Any queries? Please see or email Mrs Waterson at: MWaterson@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au or Ms Raheb-Mol at: JRahebMol@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au

After-school Study Program

(NOTE:  There will be no After School Study Program on Thursday 8th February due to a staff meeting)

WHAT IS IT? A quiet time and space where you can get a head start on your homework and assessments, catch up on missed work, do some wide reading, study or do research with a friend, or get some one-to-one reading, writing, or maths help. You are welcome to use your time as you wish for learning purposes, or make the most of having teachers, Ms Raheb-Mol or Ms Leonardi, on hand to assist you with your homework and assignments.  Note: Regular attendance is rewarded with merits.

WHEN? Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon, from 3.15 - 4.30pm

WHO FOR? - Open to all students in Years 5 – 10. Come or a regular or casual basis, just sign in when you arrive.

WHERE? - Senior Library, top of A Block (SRC). Library seminar rooms are also available

QUERIES? Please email Ms Raheb-Mol at: JRahebMol@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au, or Ms Leonardi at: CLeonardi@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au

Maths Drop-in Centre

WHAT IS IT? A place to get some extra maths help with difficult concepts, topics or homework. You can also come along for some extension work, so you can revise or get ahead. This is an ideal place where students can come and feel comfortable to ask questions. Students are encouraged to bring along specific queries, tasks, assessments, homework, general revision and problems to work on, with teachers on hand ready to help:  Please note: Regular attendance attracts merits

WHEN? Monday lunch time 12.50 -1.30pm (bring your lunch) and Thursday morning 8.00 - 8.30am each week.

WHO FOR? Open to all students in Years 7 – 9

WHERE? Maths Classroom C1

QUERIES? Please see or email Mrs Fileman at: AFileman@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator