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Work done during the holidays: Your Building Fund at Work

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  • Work done during the holidays
  • Swimming Carnivals - New Record Set

Prayer:  A Gentle Reminder From Pope Francis

During the holidays I came across the reflection below and am not absolutely sure that it came from Pope Francis. It certainly appealed to me and I think you might enjoy this as the pace of life picks up again for our year.


This life will go by fast. Don’t fight with people, don’t criticize your body so much, don’t complain so much. Don’t lose sleep over your bills. Look for the person that makes you happy. If you make a mistake, let it go and keep seeking your happiness. Never stop being a good parent. Don’t worry so much about buying luxuries and comforts for your home, and don’t kill yourself trying to leave an inheritance for your family. Those benefits should be earned by each person, so don’t dedicate yourself to accumulating money.

Enjoy travel, enjoy your journeys, see new places, give yourself the pleasures you deserve. Allow dogs to get closer. Don’t put away the fine glassware. Utilize the new dinnerware; don’t save your favourite perfume, use it to go out with yourself; wear out your favourite sport shoes; repeat your favourite clothes. So what? That’s not bad.


Why not now? Why not pray now instead of waiting until before you sleep? Why not call now? Why not forgive now? We wait so long for Christmas; for Friday; for Reunions; for another year; for when we have money; for love to come; when everything is perfect...look... Everything perfect doesn’t exist. Human beings can’t accomplish this because it simply was not intended to be completed here. Here is an opportunity to learn. So take this challenge that is life and do it more, forgive more, embrace more, love more intensely and leave the rest in God’s hands. Amen.

From the Pilgrims’ Center website:

2018 – Our College Goals

In summary I share with you the five central goals of this year’s Annual Improvement Plan.


1.  Theme for 2018 – Stewards of Creation

  • Environmental sustainability – water, power, paper, etc
  • Recycle, reuse, reduce
  • Integration across curriculum
  • School projects for environmental sustainability
  • Improving the physical environment in sustainable ways

2.  Teaching and Learning

  • Improved classroom pedagogy
  • Improving HSC results
  • Use of technology for learning

3.  Literacy

4.  Professional Learning for Staff

5.  Masterplan, and developing our school facilities - especially on the Chatswood Campus

Parent Information Evenings

This week we have had excellent meetings as we begin the year together. The Years 5, 6 and 7 Parent Information Meetings were very well supported on Monday and this Thursday evening, 8th February, we are holding the Years 10 and 11 Parent Information Evenings.

Work done during the holidays

Your Building Fund at Work

During the vacation period the College was very busy developing the College facilities.

  • I am delighted with these, especially the removal of all the fences and barriers in the yard which was made possible with the installation of an electric gate and reorganisation of facilities that were part of the Brothers' community.
  • All the Science Labs have been reconditioned and painted which was a huge undertaking.
  • Additional classroom facilities have been developed through the conversion of the Bookhire facility and what was previously the Junior School computer room. These will now be classrooms for Music and Junior School use.
  • The Leary Learning Centre classroom has been reconstituted into two rooms with an operable wall for versatility.
  • The Tower on the Sarto Centre has been restored.
  • Carpets have been cleaned in Classrooms and various painting and repairs completed.
  • Oxford Falls is an absolute picture with further groundswork undertaken.

I sincerely thank our Maintenance Team and Ground Staff for their excellent work.


Mr John Couani - Principal

Swimming Carnivals

STOP PRESS:  Barron House win the double, taking out both the Senior and Junior Swimming Carnivals for 2018!  More details can be found on the Senior and Junior Sports pages.


Congratulations to Jonathan Yang of Year 5 who broke  the U11 50m Breaststroke record with a time of 43.85 seconds.  This record has been held since  1991.

Congratulations to Thomas Hunt Year 11


Congratulations to Thomas Hunt in Year 11 who has continued his excellent development in Athletics, particularly in the Hurdles and 400m events.  Thomas trained during the Christmas break and can be seen with his three brothers in this photograph with Sally Pearson, our Australian Olympic Gold Medallist.


Thomas has been selected in the NSW 400m State team and has been competing in the NSW Open Championships.  We wish Thomas well for his further training and congratulate him on his major achievements in Athletics.

It is also wonderful to have four boys from the one family currently attending the College. Congratulations to the Hunt Family.

Mr John Couani - Principal