2019 Australian National Chemistry Quiz


In July this year, 202 Mazenod students were among nearly 20 000 participants across Australia who took part in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz. The quiz was a multiple choice test based on Chemistry. While some questions relied on knowledge and understanding covered in Chemistry classes, other questions went beyond what is covered in class, requiring students to apply their knowledge and understanding to unfamiliar contexts. 


Of the Mazenod students who took part, 15 achieved a Distinction which places them in the top 25% of students in the state and 5 achieved a High Distinction which places them in the top 10% of the students in the state. Well done boys, impressive results!


The boys who achieved Distinctions were:

  • Thomas Munyard
  • Lawson Butt
  • Samuel Edmands
  • Luke Knapp
  • Christian Moro
  • Liam Taylor
  • Jordan Ciaponi
  • Jenn Hurley-Green
  • Reiley King
  • David Qin
  • Macklin Wiltshire
  • Joshua Newton
  • Sebastian Atkinson
  • Ashley Mansell
  • Tex Mead


High Distinctions were awarded to:

  • Leon Monaghan
  • Matthew Schilling
  • Thomas Jeffreys
  • Alessio Lazzara  (top 2% of the state)
  • Joseph Casey (top 2% of the state)


Hayley Gale

Head of Science Department