How does our Garden Grow

An insight of what we’ve been doing at the farm

Hi, this is Leni, Anh Van, Kelly and Haley,  


Our new chickens will be arriving soon (2 more weeks) and all of the kids are excited. Andrew says they are growing fast and becoming more confident by the day.

After the whole school voted, the names have been decided……..Eevee and Nugget. 

The farm’s growing as many vegetables as it should and we’re sure that these will help our new chickens grow big and strong when they eat them, they are very fond of our kale. 

We are also very grateful to Vicky Gazzola who drops in a box of out of date produce each week to boost our compost, worm farm and chicken food. When our chickens do begin laying eggs we ask that people leave the eggs with the school, as they are used for cooking.

Last week the Grade 3/6’s made tea and this coming week we will be making Cheese and Herb scones with Eileen, the thyme and chives will come straight from the garden. We have also introduced a sand and water table to the farm which the P-2’s in particular have been enjoying.

Last week the final part of the bringing Light to the Farm project was completed with the installation of fairy lights at the farm. Did you notice them after the Family Picnic last week? They looked beautiful!

We have also purchased some new Bali flags and Haley’s brother is busy sewing new bunting to help bring colour to the farm particularly during the winter months when our deciduous trees have lost their leaves.

Please keep an eye out for the Woiwurrung Word of the Week which will go in the newsletter this week. As most of you know, when the colonists took over Australia and separated the aboriginal tribes Aboriginal language trickled out. We want to support keeping Woiwurrung alive.

The language cards are a beautiful resource for us to share.

We have also been learning about Sorry Day which is to be held in Australia on May 26 followed by National Reconciliation Week, May 27 to June 3. It is a day of remembrance and commemoration, an opportunity for all Australians to remember past mistakes and build stronger bridges for a richer, stronger future together. 

Haley has used the picture books “Sorry Day” by Coral Vass and Dub Leffler and “Stolen Girl” by Trina Saffioti to help engage us in this learning. 

Bye! Thanks for reading!