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Parents Association Update: 


Please bring any money or chocolates back to the office by Fri June 18th.  We understand not all families were given chocolates due to delivery issues and we will be sending chocolates home with those outstanding families next week.  If you want to sell more chocolates, please message the PA inbox  


Kids Movie night  

Get your calendar out and mark July 16th to watch Space Jam 2.  We are waiting for restrictions to ease before tickets go on sale, hoping for later this week.  Make sure you watch the original movie during school holidays.


Casserole Bank 

This has been a long standing initiative run by the Marlborough PA to provide meals or groceries for families who are going through a tough time. If anyone is interested in donating long life grocery items or a freezable home cooked meal please Contact Kirsty on 0425114866.If you are a family or know of a family who could benefit from the casserole bank, please do not hesitate to contact either Kirsty or Neil Butler. ⭐️


Father Day Stall 

Fathers Day is in Term 3 - and we will be having our Fathers Day stall in the first week of Sept.  Please reach out to Monique if you would like to help out with the Fathers Day stall.  Monique can be reached at  


Murder Mystery

Save the date  - Aug 7th - Tickets to be on sale once restrictions ease.  


Kids Disco

Mark those calendars for Fri Aug 27th.  More info to come in Term 3. 


Christmas Carols

Dec 9th we are going to host a Christmas Carols event bigger than our past years.   Please reach out to the PA if you want to help out with organising the event, have ideas, or would like to sell any homemade items.  








Elisa Gatti

PA President


Class Parents Groups

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 There are also a couple of other whole school groups that might be of interest:

 MPS Community - Used by the whole MPS community


MPS Parents Association - Used by the PA to promote and organise PA events


Finally there is also the Marlborough Primary School Heathmont page