Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates assemblies on the following dates:

Friday   18th June

 Ella K (PA) - for her positive attitude during Remote Learning. Ella was a joy to work with onsite and did her best to complete all her tasks.

Well done Ella for brightening our day! Mrs McVeigh

Oli R (PB) - For working extremely hard to learn his phonemes and heart words. Oli, we have loved seeing your confidence shine and we are thrilled to hear you read so many words. Keep up the fantastic effort!


Liara T (12B) - For always being a helpful member of our class who happily offers to help the teachers and students with a smile on your face. Well done Liara!


Brooklyn B (34A) - For coming back to school with a great attitude. It has been wonderful to see you put effort into your work and do your Personal Best every day. Great work, Brooklyn! Keep it up.

 Remy S (34B) -  For being so amazing during Remote Learning. As usual Remy supported her peers when at school with their understanding of tasks. She also did her Personal Best completing tasks as directed. We are proud of you Remy.

Alex (34C) - For all the amazing work you achieved when on remote learning. You are a superstar! 

Lila F (56A) - For your careful planning and persistence while working on your historical fiction text. I can’t wait to read your finished piece.

Zali B (56B) - Your amazing attitude towards your learning in Maths. You have grown in confidence applying your skills using fractions which has been great to see.


Friday 25th June

Riley Mc (PA) - for trying her Personal Best with her journal writing. Riley showed bravery by having a go at writing challenging words. Keep up the great work Riley. Mrs McVeigh

Emily S (PB) - For displaying persistence and courage when approaching new tasks. Emily listens attentively when instructions are given and sets an excellent example to her classmates. We are so proud of you!


Ryker O (12B) - For settling back into school so well and giving every learning task a go with your Personal Best effort! Keep up the great work Ryker!


Asher F (34A) - For being a wonderful student to teach and a great role model for others. Asher is always focused during lessons, uses her class time extremely well and treats everyone with respect. You’re a star Asher!

 Annabel Gilder (34B) - for a fantastic job writing a personal recount of her experience on the giant swing at Camp Manyung. You had our attention with your first sentence Annabel and continued with great word choice. Well done!

Lachlan (34C) - For the great character description you gave in your personal writing piece ‘From Villain’s to Heroes’. Keep up this fabulous writing! 

Finn J (56A) - For your excellent manners and listening in the classroom. You are a wonderful role model to others in the school.

Charlotte W (56B) - For always demonstrating respectful and caring behaviours. You always make mature decisions and understand other perspectives. You set an incredible example for others to follow.