School News 

Tyson Grinham - Principal


Naa Mari,

What a week we went through last week! Thank you to everyone for their positive feedback and flexibility with all the changes. It has been wonderful to resume normal learning programs. Hopefully we have contained the COVID-19 cluster and we will see restrictions reduced early next week. We are planning to finish the year with a bang and staff are busy organising plans for week 9. Should be a wonderful finish to the year!


Access to School Ground - COVID-19 

In line with COVID-19 guidelines we remind parents that all drop off and pick ups need to be at the gates. Any parent requiring access to the school grounds need to formally sign in and sign out at the Front Office for strict contact tracing records. Until further notice, we cannot unfortunately have parents or caregivers onsite unless previously arranged and confirmed. All parents and caregivers NEED to present to the Front Office in the first instance AT ALL TIMES.


Assemblies/Year 7 Graduation

After consultation with the Department for Education we are now able to confirm that Year 7 Graduation will be able to proceed as planned. This is great news and we are looking forward to sharing this experience with families.


It will be vital on the evening that when guests are not seated that they maintain 1.5m physical distancing. We will have an entry and exit procedure to ensure that we all safely enter and exit the building.


Assemblies are going to remain as is with only parents of student's presenting Graduate Speeches able to attend. This is due to the difficulty of managing physical distancing for parents with large numbers of students. Assemblies will continue to be streamed through Facebook.


We appreciate that there is a lot to understand as things are changing all the time so we will try to keep you as up to date as possible when we have new information available.





Parent Engagement Survey

Thank you to the 196 families that contributed to the official Department for Education online survey in Term 3. The collated results have just started to come through with more specific comments and details due to be released in the coming weeks. LNPS has matched or exceeded positive responses to all areas of the survey in comparison to state data. This is something to be very proud of.


Some of the very high performing areas for us include; 

  • People respect each other
  • Teachers and students treat each other with respect
  • I feel like my child is important
  • I receive enough communication from the school

In 2021 the school will be seeking input from the Governing Council and our parent community regarding areas identified for improvement.


Reports & Class Placement

End of year student reports, 2020 class placements and 2020 Materials and Services charges will be distributed to families on Friday 4th December. Reports will be published and available in the Sentral Parent Portal from 12pm and class placement and Materials and Services via paper with students. 


Early Years Redevelopment

I am now able to announce that we will be undertaking a major refurbishment of Mellor and the JP Verandah in 2021. This project will be funded through school funds and a loan from the Department for Education (DfE). This project was identified by the Grounds and Building Committee a number of years ago as a key priority. Please see the concept design for further information.



This is really exciting news and Total Space Design our Architect is currently finishing our tender documents and I am in negotiation with DfE Asset Services regarding the procurement process and management of the project. At this stage it is hard to predict a start date as this is dependent on a lot of factors. Based on the information at hand it is envisaged that building works will begin early next term. As we move forward in the coming weeks dates for the start will become much clearer.


With this in mind we are planning to relocate classes out of the Mellor building before the beginning of next year. Some classes will be moving into alternative spaces in the coming weeks. These spaces will include the Library, Language Room, Early Years Science and Learning Support Room. This will mean that we start 2021 in alternative spaces and ensure continuity of learning for the new year. The Junior Primary Library will remain at the current library location and the Primary Library has already been moved to the Activity Room. OSHC will utilise the gym and outdoor spaces whilst the Activity Room is used for this purpose. Teachers and Leadership are now working through many details regarding the move. Rest assured that there will be limited impact on learning.


As more information become available we will distribute via email and the newsletter and if you have any questions please let me know.






Results of Poll Taken

Year 3 Materials and Service received 80% in favour. Therefore, in 2021 the fees for Year 3 of $735 will be fully recoverable. 

Other years received 90% in favour. Therefore, in 2021 for Reception, Year 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 of $385 will be fully recoverable.


Please see attached.