Principal's Report

This is it.  The final newsletter for 2020. 


Assistant Principal 

I am proud to announce that Mr Balzary has become our new substantive Assistant Principal.  I congratulate Mr B on earning this position and look forward to him working alongside our students, families and staff into the future to meet the goals our school has set out to achieve. 


2021 School Captains

Congratulations to our 2021 school captains who were announced on Monday.  Charley, Katelyn, Scarlett and Lola have been successful and fully deserve their positions.  I thank Mrs Matthews and our current school captains for leading this process for us. 

I look forward to a very productive year and many events to attend! 


2020 Graduating Year

It was a fitting farewell on Tuesday night for an incredibly resilient group of young people who have many differing talents and skills.  No doubt that what they have endured this year will see them be able to take on any challenge in the future. I congratulate our award winners and wish all Grade 6’s a happy and healthy start to Year 7 next year! 


The Year That Has Been 

A short synopsis:


Moving everything teachers have ever known, schools have ever known to an online platform was daunting. We were unsure what all of it meant when we were asked to provide learning in the event children wouldn’t return to school……So we prepared an A4 sheet of paper for each year level with activities to do at home in case children would not return. 


Then things became more serious and we needed to provide an online platform for students to access work. I don’t remember how many late night meetings I had (online) to try to work this out but if it wasn’t for Mrs Pepper, Mr Balzary, Mr Roberts, Mr Suter, Nathan (our IT tech) and Angela being available to meet at extraordinary times to discuss how this was going to happen then we would not have been successful at all. Remote learning 1 saw Term 1 cut short and in Term 2 our P-2 students completed 5 weeks of learning online and our 3-6 students 7 weeks learning online. 


Term 3 came around and students were asked to complete an entire term of remote learning, plus one more week.  The second round of remote learning involved live teaching and small group work. 


Whilst we didn’t get everything right, I am so proud of what we achieved. The way in which we were able to engage students in many ways over some pretty lonely and isolating weeks was incredible.  I am so proud to have lead the most wonderful community of teachers, parents and students through what was/has been an incredibly challenging time.  I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many students and parents I wouldn’t have otherwise and have a large amount of respect for what everyone has achieved. 


Thank You 

Thank you for your respectful conversations when things don’t go right, thank you for providing positive feedback and showing appreciating when it is due. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays. 

We all need a break now to rest and recuperate for a big 2021.  


Mark Moorhouse