There's movement at the library, for the word has passed around...

Over the last 6 weeks I have had a lovely time getting to know the students of Miners Rest Primary by visiting classrooms. I have had a specific focus though ~

'How can our library better serve to inspire and engage our students as readers?'

During my visits, I have focused on articulating the importance of using student voice effectively and responsibly to ensure that it continues to be respected and acted upon within our school. Each class has known before they share thoughts and ideas that I will be taking all feedback directly to Dale and the leadership team. I am very proud of the thoughts and insights that have been passed on to the leadership team and hope to very soon have some exciting works happening in and around the library.

What I can share now is that all students have had their first borrowing session for the year this week to stock up their personal book boxes with 'good fit' books. We used the following criteria - 

- Is it interesting?

- Will it make me think?

- Could I write about this?

Each class will return to the library before the end of this term to borrow more books to begin establishing our classroom libraries. These libraries will be an integral part of the Reader's Workshop model we have recently explored during our Literacy Curriculum Day.