Classroom Stars and Achievers

This Weeks...

Stars of the Week

Lachie H

for listening respectfully in class time (Kyra)

Jaxon S

For increasing his confidence when completing tasks (Ellie)

Macy M

For settling into the morning routine so well (Claire)

Emma I

For her excellent home reading routine! (Miss Jew)

Mia G

For taking pride in her term reflection (Miss Laura & Blair)

Annalise D

For recall of doubles facts (Mr Mitchell)

Addalyn P

For building her knowledge of the different ways sounds are made (Mr Mitchell)

Zoe S

For writing a well-structured recount about Michael Salmon (Mrs Gear)

Ava P

For starting her work straight away and always working with her classmates beautifully (Miss Liv)

Outstanding Achievers

Will H

For always being an exceptional role model and leader! (Emily P)

Finley A

For putting in great effort in maths and writing. Well done! (Lola & Miss J)

Tia F

For willingly helping other students (Mrs Hay)

Archer B

For keeping a positive mindset during our new topic of BIDMAS (Miss Allen)

Arliah B

For always doing her best in all learning tasks (Mrs Brown)

Levi W

For being very helpful in the classroom (Mr Loader)

Zienna J

For making great learning choices (Miss Bigmore & Mrs Bleicher)

Milla H

For being kind to others (Mrs Riddoch)


Dusty M Rm 15

For her positive attitude in PE (Katherine and Rick)

Georgia E Rm 12

For her persistence and effort in high jump (Katherine and Rick)

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