Sports and Camps 

Sports Days Postponed

Unfortunately due to the current climate, the Athletics Day and Ball Sports Day will no longer go ahead next week and will be postponed to a later date. We will endeavour to keep you in the loop with any updates on when they will go ahead.


That being said, this Term's lead up to the Sports Days have not been in vain. The Foundation - Six students have better prepared themselves by learning and refining their athletics and balls skills and will only require a refresh prior to the reassigned Athletics and Ball Sports Days later in the year.


Katherine and Rick would like to thank all the students for a fantastic term of being active and having fun. Also, we have really appreciated the teachers who have taken time to practise any of the athletic and ball skills  activities.

Week 6


The students bounced into Week 6 and it rolled along quickly as they honed in on their ball skills. Tunnel Ball was on the agenda with teams working collaboratively to listen to the three whistle blows then begin passing the ball back through the tunnel formed by their legs.

Forgetting to squat down when you are the last person in the tunnel became a sometimes comical issue as the ball would escape the confines of the tunnel and continue to venture away until the realisation had set in and the person at the end of the tunnel would break from the pack to retrieve the wayward ball.


The Spoke Relay was another ball skills challenge that the students faced. Another collaborative approach was required to successfully master. Communication was key to ensure team members were ready and moved accordingly. With help from Year Five/Six students, Katherine and Rick were able to successfully teach the Spoke Relay to the One/Twos. The Three/Four students were already experienced in this style of relay meaning they were able to refine their execution of it.


Last week also saw lots of students leap for the stars as Katherine continued the High Jump events during recess and lunch times. Some personal bests were achieved by many students and the developing of their techniques are to be commended.

Week 7

This is our 2nd last Week of Term 1 meaning it is Planning Week for all of the teachers. This week allowed the students to continue focussing on developing their balls sports skills as well as final practise of other athletics skills. This was a way to celebrate the Physical Activity learnt throughout the Term. Teamwork and good sportsmanship were a main focus. The students were encouraged to communicate well during the activities and support each other.


Physical Education at Home

With the school holidays almost upon us and for other potential reasons to be at home, you may be looking for ideas for your children to stay active. Here is a list of ideas your kids could participate in:

  • Have your child teach you any of the skills we have learnt in PE.
  • Walking is a great way to stay active. If you have a dog, take them for a walk too.
  • Go for a bike ride or scoot together.
  • Take some chalk outside and draw a hopscotch on the ground to play with.
  • Use a skipping rope or hula-hoop.
  • Have a paper airplane competition.
  • Create a circuit of different movements at each station for a set time or number.
  • Plan and play games involving movement.
  • Throwing and catching activities.
  • Listen and dance to music.
  • Assist with cleaning the house or washing the car.
  • Assist with gardening and maintaining the lawns.

Be sure to supervise children participating in Physical Activity. Safety must always come first. 

Join in with them and have fun. We do!

Enjoy the holidays


Katherine and Rick.