Class Page - NAIDOC Week

2/3C and 3/4W Buddy Class


This week Australia celebrated NAIDOC week. As a class, we have researched famous and influential Indigenous Australians and read Dreamtime stories. 


On Thursday afternoon we joined with our buddy class and read an adaption of “The Rainbow Serpent”. Students learned the story of how the snake formed the valleys and mountains all across Australia. In pairs, they worked on completing a piece of a rainbow serpent puzzle. We discussed the skills, techniques and symbols Indigenous Australians use to create art.



1/2R and 3/4S Buddy Class

During last weeks Buddy Session for 1/2R and 3/4S students enjoyed reading "How the Birds Got Their Colours". Students then used the iPads to create some fabulous colourful birds based around their reading of the book. Their creations are now displayed in the corridor for all students to see.