Student Awards 

Student of the Week - 30/10/2020


01A - Ajay - For working hard all week to complete your tasks. Your reading has been especially wonderful. Keep it up! 

01J - Caelin - For excellent work during class activities this week, and for working hard to improve his reading skills. Well done Caelin! 

12R - Mackenzie - For showing independence & working responsibly in all learning tasks. Well done Mackenzie! 

23C - Indy - For showing independence with her work and building her stamina to complete set tasks on time. Well done Indy! 

34S - Ava and  Shaely - For the responsible way that you have supported other debating teams – it’s great to see you developing some excellent leadership skills! 

34W – Eden - Great job on reading non-fiction texts and stopping to think about the information being presented. Well done! 

56H  - Adam  - For working hard to name, order, and compare decimal numbers this week. You were enthusiastic during all maths lessons and learnt to see numbers in a whole new way. Well done Adam! 

56S - Jade - For showing great resilience as you successfully completed a range of Maths and English tasks. You also worked cooperatively and assisted other students during group activities. A fantastic effort! 

Science - Jazmaine - For outstanding work in Science this week for the topic of Structural Engineering. Jazmaine also took the time to assist others in the class and to clean the Science room. 

Art - April - April’s work creating Keith Haring figures was both creative and colourful. Beautifully presented, well done April! 

Music - Bridget - Bridget always enjoys her music sessions. She is creative and participates enthusiastically in a variety of activities. 

Values - Izaac K. - For modeling all school values, especially for being a good listener and being committed to improving his Numeracy. 

Reader of the Week - 30/10/2020

Prep/1A - Makenzee - For being motivated to challenge yourself every day during read to self. Great work! 

Prep/1J - Annie - For excellent reading during guided reading and for working hard to improve her reading skills. Great work Annie! 

1/2R - Kiera -  For having a positive attitude and trying hard in all reading tasks. 

2/3C - Billie - Such a fantastic job reading the play during guided reading. Your enthusiasm and expression were outstanding. Well done.

3/4S - Tamika - For the brilliant attitude you show towards your reading, and some excellent improvement in your reading assessments too!  

3/4W - Larna - For reading with expression and taking the time to think about what you are reading. 

5/6H - Noah - For genuinely reading every morning. 

5/6S - Hunter - For enthusiastically reading a variety of books. 


Student of the Week - 06/11/2020


Prep/1A - Thea – For being a consistently hard-working class member. You always listen attentively and try your best. Great work! 

Prep/1J - Isabella H. - For excellent work during class activities this week, and for working hard during guided reading sessions. Well done Isabella! 

1/2R – Lil - For a wonderful first half of term. Lil has been a pleasure to have in 1/2R. Good luck at your new school Lil. We will miss you. 

2/3C - 2/3C debaters - Well done to Grace, Josh, Bailey and Zavier M on your debate this week. You all worked very well and tried your best. Keep up the great work. I am proud of you all! 

3/4S - TBA

3/4W - Chase - Congratulations on your teamwork skills during ‘Silent Ball’. You were the leader of the game and you ran it perfectly.

5/6H - Tyeisha - For showing excellent growth in your On Demand score for mathematics and being a dedicated peer teacher in our grade, good work Tyeisha!

5/6S – Shaye - For producing high-quality work as you successfully completed a range of individual Maths and English tasks. You showed impressive leadership skills as you efficiently organized all the equipment for the debating festival over a period of weeks. You also demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills as you helped the teams settle in.  A fantastic effort! 

Science - Isaac F. - For outstanding an outstanding work ethic and behaviour in Science this week. He participated fully during all tasks and assisted the teacher to clean up after the classroom learning tasks. 

Art - Liam P. - What a wonderful session! Liam you focused on your activity at all times and produced a great piece of work. 

Music - Lil B. - For having a really enjoyable session, participating enthusiastically in all activities. Well done Lil! 

Special Award - Ella P. - For her leadership and guidance when helping the debating group in 2/3C. Your knowledge and understanding were greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Values Award - Lily P. - For modelling all school values and for having an outstanding work ethic during all learning tasks. It has been great to see her practicing and improving her Cricket skills ahead of next week’s match against Katunga. 


Reader of the Week - 06/11/2020

Prep/1A - Phoebe - For working hard to read challenging texts this week. Excellent work! 

Prep/1J -  TBA

1/2R - Kayden -  For achieving great results in his reading assessment task!

2/3C - Levi - Fabulous reading! Using your strategies to sound out unknown words. Well done Levi! 

3/4S -  TBA

3/4W - Brody - Your enthusiasm towards exploring books to read on ‘Epic’ and sharing your discoveries with others. 

5/6H - Izaac - For always being a dedicated reader. 

5/6S - Tom - Always reading and engaging in a range of interesting, appropriate books!