Assistant Principals' Report

Term  4   2020

Term 4

Simon Jones

Assistant Principal

Years 10 - 12

It has been terrific to see all students back at school and getting back into their routines. The year 12 VCE students have endured a long and winding road but have now commenced their final exams. They have shown remarkable determination and adaptability and I believe were  prepared as possible in this most unusual of years. I am confident that they have put their best foot forward and will reap the rewards for their efforts. I also congratulate them on the manner in which they celebrated their final day of school on the 30th October. They enjoyed each others’ company, had fun and did themselves proud. It is also pleasing that we are now able to have a Valedictory celebration which can be live-streamed to families, and details of this are being sent out. We look forward to giving the class of 2020 a fitting farewell.

The Year 10 and 11 students are in the throes of completing their year’s work and most will have completed Maths and English exams on the 19th and 20th of November. Jumpstart commenced on the 24th November where students who have successfully completed their studies were promoted to the next year of schooling with their new teachers and classes. Attendance for Jumpstart is essential as work begins in earnest, goals are set and expectations set out. This year more than ever Jumpstart will represent the end of a difficult and challenging year and the opportunity to put it behind us and make a fresh start.

As you can see it has been a busy term and there is much still to do. I urge all students to continue to do their best and give themselves the best possible preparation for what we hope will be a normal school year in 2021. 




















Andrew Wynne                                                   Assistant Principal 

Years 7-9

Better Days Ahead! 

It has been wonderful to welcome back our Junior Students this term, and to again hear the buzz of Dromana College students, both in their learning and in their social interactions in the school grounds. The college is now buzzing with students, and the colour, humour and vibrancy that they bring with them.

After a severely affected year, due to the global pandemic, all our students are now where they learn best, in the classroom with their peers and their teachers. While Dromana Colleges remote learning platform was a really effective and, in many ways, a state-of-the-art learning platform, it can never permanently replace face to face learning, particularly for junior school students. Our teachers are equally as excited as the return to face-to-face teaching allows them to give students the instantaneous feedback that they need to progress their learning and allows them to engage in thoughtful group discussions and activities.

I would like to take this opportunity at this time to thank the parents for their herculean efforts during this period of remote learning. The support that parents have given our school has been overwhelming. They have ensured that their children are online, ready to learn and engaged, often while themselves working from home. The partnership between the student, the school and parents has never been stronger, and reflects the strength of the entire college community. Well done to all!

In further good news, the easing of restrictions now allows the Year 7 camp to go ahead to Phillip Island, which is exciting news for all. This camp will allow our new Year 7 students, a group that has missed out on so many things this year, a chance to have a positive and rewarding end to 2020. We hope they all have a wonderful experience, make new friends and create lifelong memories.

To all our school community, I wish you all a happy Christmas and a wonderful holiday period and look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2021.















Stephanie Pearce

Assistant Principal

Learning and Teaching


It has been wonderful to see students re-engage onsite for their final term of the 2020 academic year. After a long year of moving in and out of the remote learning environment it is great to finally see and hear the energy and enthusiasm of students back in their classrooms with their teachers and peers. There have been many opportunities for reflection this year as well as key learnings gained from working and studying remotely. I believe this has truly reinvigorated the way we each think about teaching and learning – and has encouraged families, students, and teachers to work in greater partnership to provide effective learning for all students at Dromana College. Whilst I will be glad to say goodbye to full day interactions via a screen, there have been gains from the digital learning environment which will see students continue to extend their learning and expand their thinking by using technology more effectively as an educational tool. 

Dromana College is currently in the process of developing our next Annual Implementation Plan. This process gives us the opportunity to reflect on, recognise and celebrate the work we have undertaken and the achievements of our students. For 2021 our focus will be to provide a strong learning environment that supports students to catch up and extend their learning – recognising that whilst some students have thrived this year others have experienced challenges. To support this focus, we will continue to build a learning environment that allows all students to grow as happy, healthy, and active members of their school community. 

Congratulations again to the commitment and resilience of our whole school community for another successful year. I look forward to a more positive and productive 2021 back in the classrooms and courtyards of our wonderful college.