Principal's Report

Term  4   2020



It is with great pleasure that I make this contribution to the final College newsletter for 2020 in what has been a truly, unusual year.  Never would I have thought we would be temperature checking, sanitising, social distancing and wearing masks at school, locked in our homes and subject to curfew.  Our school by its design is a place of collaboration, sharing and engagement, fortunately we are also a community that embraces challenge and change.  Our collective efficacy in dealing with this virus has seen most restrictions lifted and I am sure we are all looking forward to Christmas and New Year with family and friends.



Our well established Jump Start Program sees eligible students promoted to the next year level at the conclusion of the formal examination period, is a very productive time, and a fantastic opportunity for students to put forward their best efforts in all of their 2021 classes. Welcome to the 32 new families who have joined our learning community for this program. The transition to a new school and the commencement of secondary school can be anxious times for young people and their parents. Year 7 2021 families attended a transition evening on Tuesday 24 November. This year’s guest speaker, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, is a well-known psychologist and communications specialist. Michael has broad experience in working with adolescents and families and is now a regular speaker at Dromana College events. 



School Leaders for 2021

I have the great honour in announcing the College leadership for 2021. This year we had the opportunity to meet with all our senior students who put their names forward as College leaders via individual video presentations.  Each of these nominees for College Captain were truly worthy of the position and I would like to publicly commend their courage and commitment in standing for election.  We should all be very proud of these young people, they are a great credit to themselves and their families, and they will be fantastic ambassadors for our college.

The four School Captains for 2021 are:   


Ginger Sansom 









Coen Raymond


Olivia Wicks


Lilly Snow


 Senior School

I was privileged to attend the VCAL assembly and most recently have been thoroughly enthralled by the quality of the applied learning projects and confidence with which these tasks were undertaken and presented.  Well done! 

Our VCE Unit 4 students have completed their external assessments.  I have been very impressed with all students as they present for their exams and I am looking forward to sharing their personal bests at the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner Thursday 3 December 2020, this event will be live streamed to families of our year 12 students.  I also want to commend all our graduating ‘Class of 2020’ on the manner in which they concluded their schooling.  Our final assembly of the year was a fantastic event, with no ‘Muck Up’ in the manner that is often encouraged by the media. The tone was respectful and responsible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff involved over the past six years of the ‘Class of 2020's’ secondary school journey.


























Year Seven Camp

Our Year 7 students will have the opportunity to conclude the school year at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort with a three-day camp.  Traditionally this experience would have occurred at the commencement of the year and it is fantastic that despite all of the changes and challenges that we have all shared this year that our students are able to complete the academic year in a healthy active and positive manner.  


Important Parent Information

Accident Insurance Cover for Students 

Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised that the Department of Education and Training does not have Student Accident Insurance cover for students. Therefore, if your child is injured at school as a result of an accident or incident, all costs associated with the injury, including medical costs is the responsibility of the child, parent or caregiver. Some incidental medical costs may be covered from Medicare. If parents have private health insurance, some costs may also be covered through your private health insurance. Any other costs would be borne by the parents. Student Accident Insurance is an insurance policy that pays certain benefits should your child have an accident. It is a personal decision for parents which type and level of private insurance they purchase. An approved insurance broker should be contacted if you have any questions about insurance cover.


Personal Goods 

Personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. The Department of Education and Training does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.


Alan Marr 


Dromana College