Week 3 Food Technology saw the Year 10 students showcase their culinary skills and eagerness to work independently via the production of a Main meal of their choice. A wide variety of talent was on show. The students demonstrated their ability to research potential options that needed to meet a design brief, justify their chosen dish, complete a food order and a detailed production plan aligning the steps required from start to finish.


The student’s confidence and willingness to explore new foods and kitchen equipment within all Year 10 Food Technology classes was fantastic. With a combination of nerves and excitement, the students completed this task to an extremely high standard. Congratulations to all students involved!


Ms Carmen Moloney

Health Learning Area Manager


Amelie MacLennan, has graciously offered to provide some insight into her experiences of the Main meal learning task:

Amelie MacLennan
Amelie MacLennan

"The Year 10 Food Tech students have just completed their Main Meal Learning Task. We were given the assignment to evaluate possible choices for a main course dish, then decide on one we wanted to create, plan a recipe, and finally, during a practical lesson, create the dish. 


For my class, our practical lesson was on Wednesday 10 May, and it was organised chaos! Because everyone was creating completely different dishes from one another, we all had to be on top of our own tasks, ingredients, and processes. The double period is typically only around 90 minutes, however, in the kitchen, time flies, and it felt like 30 minutes. 


The rush to get everything made, whilst your partner was doing something completely different, was a challenge. I know for my partner and I, we rely on each other in the practical lessons to help each other out and to stay on track, but during that class, we had to do everything ourselves and it was difficult at times. But despite all the obstacles we encountered in the kitchen that day, the room was flooded with a variety of smells and the final products were amazing. 


Overall, the whole experience was extremely fun and a new learning opportunity for many.”


A range of spectacular restaurant quality dishes included:

Baked Salmon and salad -Melani Zhou Lin

Spaghetti Marinara (homemade fettuccine) - Monika Sarkissova

Spicy Salmon rice muffins -Montana Aloi

Greek-style stuffed capsicum - Andrew Loizou


Steak (medium rare) with TikTok trend Accordion potatoes - Sam Chilco-Burns


Homemade fettuccine with creamy prawns - Dylan Galgut