Please find below reflections from Niki Pantelios and Neve Gerbic on the Year 7 Camp which was held on the week beginning Monday 27 April. 

Ms Katherine Johnstone

Year 7 Student Manager


This year for camp the Year 7 cohort went on a divine camp to Phillip Island.


My first thoughts when we arrived were short and simple, WOW! It looked fun and although the weather wasn't the best, it wasn't going to ruin the camp. When we got off the bus, we all headed straight to our cabins and they looked really nice. The people I shared a cabin with were all nice and I made a bunch of friends. 


I was in activity group 7 and in that group we did the low ropes and the giant swing first. The low ropes were fun and the giant swing was scary. When we came back, we headed to the dining hall for dinner. We had pasta and cordials that were so good. We were then informed by our lovely Student Managers that there was going to be a trivia night. So, after dinner everyone went to the lecture centre and sat in groups of 10 or less to solve the problems. The night was fun but came to an end and we all went back to our cabins. 


The next day was jam packed. There was archery, surfing and raft building and they were all so fun. For lunch we had a delicious burger and for dinner we had chicken schnitzel with chips. For dessert we had an ice cream sundae. The amazing Student Managers told us that we had a talent show that night and we were all eager to go. The best act was Qolbi’s singing. The last day was flying foxes and pool which was also fun. For lunch we had a barbeque and then we put our bags onto the bus and left camp and went home.

Niki Pantelios


On Wednesday 29 March, Group 2 (forms B - J) collected their luggage before taking the bus to Phillip Island for camp. There was so much fun, excitement, laughter, and entertainment during these three days. We were all worried that we wouldn't be in a cabin with our friends or other recognisable people because we were given a random cabin. Outside of our typical friendship groups, we made new friendships, which was amazing. The new friends we have met are very appreciated. 


There were two activity rotations. On our first night together, we had pasta for dinner. Afterwards, there was a wonderful trivia night. I picked up a whole bunch of new knowledge. It was really enjoyable. We awoke bright and early on Tuesday. We were thrilled to begin more enjoyable activities after getting ready and having breakfast. There were four different rotations for each group, some of which included surfing, giant swing, and peer support activities. I thought the big swing was spectacular. 


After all the wonderful activities, we went right back to our cabins to get ready for dinner. For us, it was schnitzel and chips! We enjoyed a very entertaining talent show after dinner! The talent show was attended by all of us. I enjoyed seeing some hilarious performances.


We all returned to our cabins after the talent show to get ready for bed. It was Wednesday before we knew it. That was therefore the last day of Year 7 camp. We completed our final two activities after eating breakfast and packing up our belongings. We then ate lunch and loaded the bus. Camp for Year 7 was well beyond our expectations. I want to thank all the teachers that attended the camp. I want to especially thank the Year 7 Student Managers for organising this fantastic camp.  

Neve Gerbic

Niki Pantelios
Neve Gerbic
Niki Pantelios
Neve Gerbic


McKinnon Interact Club, supported by Rotary Australia’s “Interact” initiative, is a student-driven club that focuses on fundraising and charity work and aims to provide students with volunteering opportunities by running fundraising events. 


McKinnon Cross Country Carnival

On Friday 5 May, 2023, over 1,000 McKinnon students descended to the McKinnon Reserve Oval for the annual Cross Country Carnival. Throughout this event, the Interact Club sold 414 cans, or $828 in Soft Drinks raising just under $400 in profit. This was a spectacular feat for the first fundraiser of the year for the Interact Club.

The profit from the fundraiser will go towards The White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense. They are a volunteer organisation that runs in conflict-stricken parts of Syria who risk their lives to save people from combat situations, humanitarian disasters and many more. Feel free to check out their page here. They have been instrumental in the wake of the devastating earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria earlier this year.

What’s Coming Up?

The Interact Club looks forward to hosting many more events for 2023, some of the events coming up include: 


12/13 May - Refreshment stall at the Year 12 Theatre Studies Play

18 May - Lunchtime Sausage Sizzle @ Main Campus

31 May - Sausage Sizzle @ Kingston Cross Country Championships

1 June - Bake Sale to coincide with Reconciliation Week @ Main Campus. 


We would like to thank the entire club for their efforts so far this year and wish them the very best for the events held in 2023. Congratulations to those who have earned their club badges so far as they are handed out once someone completes their first volunteer event.


Shauri Pedavalli 

Year 10 Student

Interact Club Committee