Meet our Leadership team.

Hi, my name is Kim Kirkpatrick. 

I am the Learning Specialist at Violet St. and have worked here for six years. The role of a learning specialist is to support the learning development of teachers and students.


Some of my roles and responsibilities around the school include:

-Coaching and mentoring of teachers; attending planning sessions, providing resources and conducting and organising professional development activities when required.

-Working with teachers individually and in teams to collect and analyse data to inform teaching.

-Tutoring and Maths Intervention. Taking small groups of students from Foundation to Grade 6 to extend their understanding of Maths concepts. Supporting students with their Maths learning in their class.

-Co-ordinating the VHAP program. (Victorian High Ability Program) Students  identified as being talented in English or Maths are selected to take part in a ten week online program where they work with students from other schools.


If you would like to get in contact with me, my email is  or pop in for a chat in Room 5!