Principal's News

Mr Rodrigues

Just a brief newsletter this week to begin the Term. We will communicate a full newsletter from next week.

Fun Times Ahead

Dear Families,

Week One is nearly complete and I can truly say it has been a wonderful start to a new school year.  On Monday we welcomed thirty three new Preps and their families who walked through our gates, for the fist time, with a great mixture of excitement and nerves.  Greeted by their teachers, Ms Rebecca and Ms Caitlin, along with many other school staff, they entered their classrooms with surprising confidence and ease. It was clear that our transition days last year made a big difference in enabling these children to settle in well so quickly. Looking at the picture above you would hardly think this was just day one for these children. I would like to thank all our new parents for the great job they have already done in preparing their children for school. This journey will now continue for the next seven years as we all work together to provide each child with the best learning environment possible. 

Meet the teacher Parent Chats 

On Thursday 10th February we will be providing the opportunity for all parents to meet with their child's classroom teacher for an informal chat as part of the important process of teachers getting to know your children. The main aim of these meetings is so that you can share important information about your child which can help their teacher in meeting their learning needs throughout the year. At this stage we are hoping to hold these in classrooms and will ensure COVID Safe practices are put in place which of course requires all adults attending to be fully vaccinated.  


School Lunch orders

A reminder that school lunch orders are available every week day. Children need to clearly label a paper bag with their name and the items they wish to order along with the correct change. Following is a copy of Modena Cafes School lunch order items. 

Staffing News

As communicated in our final newsletter last year we have welcomed three new classroom teachers this year, Ms Caitlin Danks (Prep), Ms Trish Baressi (Year 1/2) and Ms Bridget O'Connor (Year 3/4). We welcome Jack Wilson who has joined the team at Trinity in the position of Learning Support Officer, working with Ms Maryanne and our Year 5/6s. Jack is currently completing his Bachelor of Education and is looking forward to sharing his skills and gaining new skills in supporting the learning of our children. 

We farewell Jessie Zolfaghari who has accepted a new position as an LSO at a school closer to her home. 

Class & Staff Structures for 2022


Ms Rebecca Tarquini



Ms Caitlin Danks



Ms Urania 




Ms Patricia Barresi



Ms Teresa Recce



Ms Bridget O'Conner



Mr Frank Anania



Ms Maryanne O'Gorman


Parish Priest: Fr Trung Nguyen SJ

Admin: Julie Boffa

Bursar: Vivian Galan

Principal: Nigel Rodrigues

Deputy Principal: Lindy Smith

Learning Leader: Annabelle Marinelli

RE Leader: Antonella Tsakmakis

Wellbeing Leader: Antonella Tsakmakis

Learning Diversity Leader: Helen Varthalis

Digital Tech Leader: Kate Foley

Science: Kate Foley

Playgroup: Kate Foley

Reading Intervention: Patrice Evans

Sustainability Leader: Belinda Nechwatal

Library: Barbara Shaw

Visual Art: Anna Plackett

Mandarin: Parker Yang

Sport and PE: Rachel McLeary

Music: Liam Gooding


Student Leaders 2022

On Monday 14th we are hoping to present our Senior Leaders with their school badges at our Monday morning assembly. This gathering will be held outdoors briefly after the school bell. 

School Vaccination Hub

Many of you will have heard about the possibility of a school based vaccination hub and Trinity has been selected as a site which will be set up to provide free vaccinations for 5-11 year olds whose parents choose to access the vaccinations. To reassure any parent's concerns, there is absolutely no possibility that any child will receive a vaccination without their parent/s being present or their parent's permission. Vaccinations will not take place during school hours and will be scheduled for before or after school or possibly on weekends. I will be providing further information to our families and a letter outlining all details in the coming weeks. 


School Advisory Council

Thank you to each of the members of our School Advisory Council who assisted in this role last year.  I am now seeking expressions of interest from parents who might like to consider joining the group this year. 

Some of the main functions of the SAC are:

• articulating and enacting the school’s vision and mission

• promoting the school’s Catholic ethos and culture

• promoting faith formation and development

• supporting school policies as required

• giving advice to the principal on issues such as school improvement plans and enrolment trends

• engaging in discussion with the principal about the annual school budget and other financial matters

• giving advice to the principal about the school master plan

• providing capital resource planning and maintenance support to the principal. 

If you would like to know more or would like to be considered for the School Advisory Council then please email me directly,  and I will be happy to speak to you further.  


Parents & Friends 

Another extremely important group at Trinity is our Parents and Friends group and we are always looking for new members who can offer ideas, time or  expertise when it comes to school celebrations and fund raising activities. Jenny Gill, our current P&F President would love the support of other parents throughout the year.  We understand that many parents work, which can make giving time difficult, and appreciate any help you are able to give throughout the year, whether it's regularly or just occasionally.  If you think you would like to be part of this group  please complete this GOOGLE Form to express your interest. 


Kind Regards

Mr Nigel Rodrigues