Principal Report

Caring Learning Growing: Every Child Every Day

Dear Families,

As the year draws to a close, from all the staff at SMJ, we wish you a very holy and blessed Christmas with family and friends.


Thank you for your support throughout the year, and the many edible gifts enjoyed by staff this week. Your kindness and generosity at the end of the year are overwhelming.



To the following families who leave our school community this year, we wish you all the best in your new endeavours and schools. It is always sad to see families move on; however, we all understand that change in our lives is inevitable.


Katarina & Paul Burton – Christopher

Rowena & Adam Dougherty – Nyah

Alisha & Chris Ellis – Ben

Kate & Andrew Gardiner – Jon

Kate & Brett Janetzki – Ruby

Claire & Alex Miller – Lucy

James Neighbour – Heidi

Ange & Jamie Nelson – Yarli

Kylie & Brent Penny – Claudia

Belinda & Tim Pickering – Kimberley

Katrina & Joe Scimone – Flynn

Digna & Joseph - Nathan & Olivia

Jaxon Taberner – Lotah

Vernetta & Matt Taylor – Olivia

Jacqui Monro – Ryan

Haylee Hobbs & James Cook – Max & Evie

Veronica & Tom Dempsey – Maddison & Isobel

Saleena & Joby Joseph – Mila

Loretta & Simon McKinnon – Elliott & Oscar

Craig & Rhiannon Abernethy- Elliott

Larren & Kellie Barnes- Tatum

Abby & Mark Sulic- Taj & Mimi

Ange O'Connor – Lauren


May God fill your life with love, joy and peace this holiday season and throughout the New Year.





Tuesday 20 December - School Office closed until Friday 27 January 2023

Monday 30 January 2023 - First day of school for children