Langwarrin Primary School is proud to be part of the Resource Smart schools program. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact by making positive changes with our current focus on waste. We are encouraging the whole school to help us reduce our landfill to 34m² to protect our environment and save money. As a team we can make it happen!

Year 4 students have been utilising the Food Science room to make some healthy snacks and lunches where there is minimal packaging used and would make ideal lunch box treats.

LPS has a newly elected sustainability team made up of students from Prep to Year 6. The students will be meeting regularly to discuss ideas, implement strategies and plan for future events.

Each class has a sustainability monitor who will be responsible for:

  • making sure that the 4 bin system in each classroom is used correctly – landfill, soft plastic, food scraps and paper and cardboard
  • encouraging students to bring ‘rubbish free’ lunches and snacks (promote reusable containers)

Two classes will be rewarded every fortnight for their efforts (highest number of students with nude food). They will receive a trophy to keep in their class for 2 weeks.



Anastasia Vrionis

STEM Leading Teacher