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This week in 5C



My favourite thing I was doing at camp was going to ArtVo. It was fun when I saw the illusions and took photos of it. My favourite one was the moving houses. Every time I went to the left and to the right it would always be in my direction. It was super fun!😜


I also liked the other ones. I had some friends with me to take some photos with. They were Maylani and Ellie. We wanted to take a picture all together but it was only my friends and I, so we asked somebody to take a photo of us with an octopus. After the woman took a photo of us we all looked and it was a tremendous photo! It looked like we were getting attacked by an octopus🐙!


There were 80+ pictures and they were fantastic. May was being a silly photographer saying “YES YES! OK NOW GO A LITTLE THAT WAY.” Ellie was weirded out but still she was laughing. Every time I saw a picture with a cracked floor or on top of buildings I pretended I was falling off it.


In one picture it looked real or maybe two or three, I don’t know. We also did a photo of a very angry bulldog. There was this pole we had to climb, well… it was side ways 

So we had to put the camera upside down. Ellie took forever to take it and I fell and got stuck 


And that’s my favourite thing about camp.

Leila O