Acting Principal's Report

Real Schools Partnership

On Tuesday we had Simon Dewar from Real Schools work with Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 throughout the day.  Our school has entered into a three year partnership with Real Schools focussing on working restoratively with our students.  Simon modelled four lessons and utilised affective statements and priming language in order to manage students in the classroom, their time on task and work completion rate.  Many of our staff were released to observe Simon’s practise.  The parent night with Simon is currently being rescheduled.  I will let you know the new date as soon as we lock it in but it promises to be incredibly useful and practical for all parents! 


Mr Hickey

Mr Hickey has successfully applied for a grant so we can build a ramp on room 24.  This is a substantial amount of money that will provide our school more flexibility in creating better access for students requiring a ramp.  Thanks Mr Hickey!


Flag Poles

I am currently sourcing a grant so we can have three flag poles (all of the same size) to be able to fly the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags. 


Team Videos

If you haven’t had a chance to have a look at our videos that our staff have made to introduce themselves then please login to Facebook to have a look (and share with your children).  It is a bit of a fun and light–hearted way of introducing all of our 2020 staff.  We appreciate the kind messages people have written. There is still one more video coming! 


Drop Off and Pick Up Zone

A reminder to all parents that you must utilise the zone marked out by witches hats as this is the only safe way to pick up or drop off your child.  Children are not to be encouraged to run into the slip lane to get into a car as it not only dangerous practice but it holds up the traffic.


Help in the classroom

I would love to see as many parents in reading with our students as possible each morning.  Education is a partnership and parent assistance enhances students’ learning experiences.  Please see your teacher if you are able to assist!!!!


Have a great week

Mark Moorhouse

Acting Principal