Year 7

Year 7 - Week 1


The first day of high school for Year 7 students is always filled with excitement and nervousness. As the Year 7 students of 2021 arrived at school with their families on the morning of Thursday 28th of January, they were dressed to impress with the new Thornbury High School uniform and overfilled school bags.


As they made their way into the Auditorium, they found comfort in their peers, old and new, all feeling the same amount of anticipation. The head of Year 7, Mr Oosterloo, commenced the assembly by welcoming all the students to their new school and explaining what their busy first day would entail. 


Learning to open combination locks, setting up lockers and meeting all their new teachers were just some of the many fun tasks the Year 7s completed on their first day of high school. Needless to say, the first day of Year 7 was a raging success with students showing enthusiasm in all that they did.  




Although the first few weeks of school were a challenge for the students in Year 7, making new friends, navigating the many classrooms around the school and learning their teachers names, they all managed to settle in quite seamlessly to high school life. 



Some of the highlights of the first few weeks of school have been making lots of new friends from different primary schools, signing up for school sports, hiring sports equipment from the year 7 office for lunch time, participating in experiments in Science, making chocolate truffles in Food Studies and drawing and painting in Art, just to name a few. 


There are many more exciting times ahead for our Year 7 students, including Year 7 camp from Wednesday 3rd March - 5th March in Bacchus Marsh at the renowned Lake Dewar Lodge, and the Thornbury High School swimming carnival on Friday 26th February at Coburg Olympic pool. 


We look forward to continuing to work with our Year 7s this year, watching them grow and flourish into successful and well rounded high school students. 


Pieter, Ariana & Georgia

Year 7 Team