From the School Leadership Team,

From Mr. Chant,



This week we have worked toward preparing for the end of term 3. We have been able to manage and navigate our way to this last week as remote and flexible learning. Well done to all our students, our great families and the hard working teams of staff and administrators who make our school such a wonderful place.


Term 3 ends for all students at 2.30pm on Friday 17th September. Please make sure all students are collected from onsite learning at this earlier time.


Term 4 commences on Monday October 4th at 9am. We are not sure what this commencement will look like but we will plan for remote and flexible learning to continue and we will communicate any changes or updates to all families via our Compass platform.


We are inviting current Year 2 and 3 parents to attend a Webinar next Wednesday evening. - (Parents of next year's year 3 and 4 students.) Further details and link is available on a separate page within the newsletter.


In term 4 our children will all require hats as part of the commitment to being a Sun Smart school. Use the holidays to locate the school hat, make sure it is clearly named and ready for wearing in term 4.


I am getting my second vaccination this week and look forward to joining the growing numbers of Australians who have taken the decision to protect themselves from the impact of a COVID illness. I hope I don’t get a reaction, last time I had a very sore arm for a few days.


A reminder about the COVIDSafe settings that currently apply to Victoria. (DHHS)


"You cannot leave your home other than for one of the five following reasons:

  • shopping for necessary goods and services
  • caregiving or compassionate reasons, including medical care or to get a COVID-19 test
  • authorised work (with a permit) or permitted education
  • exercise (once a day for 2 hours)
  • to get a COVID-19 vaccination (provided the distance travelled, and the time taken is no more than is absolutely necessary)."

Please take a moment to review the full details:


Naplan results are being posted to year 3 and 5 students today. I hope everyone's postal addresses are current so the children can share their results with their families. Our Naplan performance in 2021 has been very positive indeed and we thank all our teachers and students who participate in this annual testing program.


Parent Convenors are great supporters of our school. They welcome new families, organise volunteers, manage a wide range of important questions and support our students and their learning in many ways. Yesterday they joined together to provide feedback to the school about the current COVID lockdown and our responses to improving the learning platforms and structures for the children. Your valuable insights and feedback will support our improvement agenda as this lockdown period comes to an end.


As the term comes to an end we are finding many of our students are accessing material and sites online that are not required for the planned learning of the program. Parents need to be vigilant, check the tabs that are open on the screen and routinely check the history of the website access your child is undertaking. It is easy to become distracted and follow links from one site to another and in very quick time we are a long way from a safe and relevant website. Talk with your child, encourage them to manage their activity in these spaces appropriately and once they know you will be checking they will become a lot safer in this digital learning space.


We have had a series of visits from DET contractors  to assess the buildings, infrastructure and roofing condition on all our buildings. This periodic audit produces a report that helps to inform our facilities management strategy and where we can best allocate resources to ensure we are continually improving our school. The drone operators were at school this morning and the local birdlife were not very impressed - it caused a local “incident” that made for interesting viewing. The birds won.


From Mme. Pommier,

French Director.


Chère Communauté de CJC, 


Merci à tous les parents Class Convenor


Cette semaine, nous avons invité nos parents « class convenor » à participer à une réunion printanière afin d’obtenir un retour sur le nouvel emploi du temps, s’assurer du bien être des familles et chercher de nouveaux moyens d’améliorer l’enseignement à distance. Je tiens à renouveler mes remerciements à nos parents représentants de classe pour leur soutien et leur incroyable rôle durant ce confinement.



Journal des 6e


Les classes de 6ème ont décidé de créer un « Journal Positif » pour divertir et amuser notre communauté scolaire, quelle belle initiative !  Cliquez ici pour consulter l’excellent ouvrage de la classe 6F.  Nous sommes fiers de nos élèves et attendons avec impatience la prochaine édition.






Dear CJC Community, 


Thank you to our Class Convenors


This week, we invited our Class Convenor parents to participate in a Spring meeting in order to hear their feedback on the new timetable, check on the wellbeing of the families and look for strategies to further improve our remote learning program.  I wish to thank, again, all our class representatives for their tremendous support during the lockdown period.




Grade 6 Newsletter


Our Grade 6 students took the initiative to create a “Positive Newsletter” to amuse and entertain our school community, what a fantastic idea!  Please click here to view the amazing work of 6F. We are very proud of our students and can’t wait to read the next edition.