Fisher Reflections

PHOTO: Year 4/5 Camp to Normanville

Year 4/5 Camp -  Normanville

The year 4/5 camp to Normanville was a one and a half hour drive. We did lots of fun things like snorkelling and fishing. We also were put into groups and then we had to build a raft. We had to paddle the raft around the instructor in the ocean and then undo the raft and find some treasurer! It was so much fun. We did night walks, games and on the last night of camp we had a dance party which was the best! It was rainy on the last day so we could not do our last outdoor activities, but instead we had an indoor Mini Olympics. It was so much fun. I participated in the tube race and I won. When we were heading back home we got to stop at the bakery for a sausage roll or pie and a doughnut or finger bun. I had a sausage roll and finger bun - it was delicious! Also thank you to the parents who let us go on camp and to the teachers for organising it for us! 


- Kathryn Sarris



When we went to camp, we rode there by bus. It was a great ride as everybody was singing and having fun. When we got there we had our dorms in a nice big building and made ourselves comfortable. We participated in amazing and fun activities such as fishing, snorkelling, building Billy carts, and the activity where we had to nominate one person from our group to be dressed up as a person from the army using some newspaper. We also went boogie boarding; it was super fun! Snorkelling was fun but it was extremely cold. The food was amazing and they were very generous with the amount of food they gave us. We even got dessert every day! On the day we were leaving it went smoothly and everybody got home safely. 

I would rate camp a 4/5 as a few people came back sick. I 100 % recommend going to Normanville for a camp. There are lots of great fun activities which are suitable for all ages. 

Thank you to all the Dzintari campsite staff for organising all of the amazing activities and wonderful food, our wonderful teachers for organising all of this, and finally our parents for giving us permission to go.


- Aryl Hoban


On May the 23rd to the 25th LNPS students of F10, F11 and F12 headed off to Normanville. It was very fun and the activities were very exciting. Let me tell you what the activities were: beach volleyball, swimming, building a raft, snorkeling, fishing, hiking and mini Olympics. My favourite activities were swimming and snorkelling. The food was very good and delicious. The dorms are very big and spacious. We played a game on the second night that was called Sardines and that was very fun but people were quite loud!! 

So can I say thank you to the teachers who planned this camp and if you're reading this I do recommend this camp to families! 


- Chloe Wilson


Year 6 Camp -  Butlers Beach - Yorke Peninsula


I had an awesome time at camp, though it was cold and I forgot to bring long pants and had to borrow my friends I had a great time. I got to know and got closer to my class members. I remember climbing up a big tree almost everyday and I could feel the wind on my face and see what was happening. The food was warm and the staff were kind. Kids got chocolate eggs at the end of each night, I got one for catching the most waves when we went surfing. One of my favourite things was when we did LNPS got talent. It was super fun to see the teachers get involved and to see everyone's talents. The tents at night were warm and though the weather was bad and there was some downers I had an awesome time. I know it is a little late but I want to say thank you to all the staff and teachers for coming on camp because they definitely had their hands full. 


- Mollie Pohlner


The camp on the Yorke Peninsula was great, there was so much to do and there always was an adventure the next day. I loved surfing and the surfing teacher taught me heaps and encouraged me to keep going. My favourite part was sitting by the campfire and telling funny and scary stories. But we also learnt things about are classmates that we did not know before. The food was delicious and the chef always made something amazing and tasty. Thank you to all the staff and camp workers who made this happen.


- Ashleigh.W


This year's camp was an incredible experience full of a lot of laughs, singing, swimming, games, challenges and barely any sleep. 


As we all met up by the Fisher quadrangle we took some group pictures with the seniors class. By the time we finished taking the ‘photoshoot’ it was time to board the bus. In my opinion the bus ride, there and back was the best part. We played loads of games and all sang very off key. Some of us in the bus were trying to sleep but it was nowhere near quiet in our bus. The long bus trip hardly felt like 3 hours as the time flew by so fast. 


When we arrived at the beach the ocean looked great. The worst part was probably the wetsuits as they were uncomfortable and hard to put on. We started off with snorkelling on day 1. Snorkelling was a bit hard because my foot kept getting caught on the seaweed but overall I enjoyed it. 


For morning tea we had a cake slice each and fruit and I remember everyone trying to get a second slice!!! We took a bus back to camp and the campsite was not what I expected, it looked better! The educators demonstrated how to set up a tent but when we tried, it wasn’t as easy as it looked! Most of the class seemed to build their tents after about 30 minutes but my tent was still taking a while to build but when we finally finished building it we put our stuff inside. We set up our sleeping bags and went outside for lunch.


For lunch we had wraps which surprisingly tasted pretty good. By the afternoon we had an amazing idea to have a talent show. I went first as I had something prepared. I started by telling a few jokes but then no one else was ready so I ended up doing like 10 or 15 jokes. When the other groups were ready the night was pretty enjoyable and as we were eating by the fire we played music really loud and it was a lot of fun. Sleeping the first night was actually pretty good, we all woke up at about 5:30-6:00 and were ready to eat breakfast. We had our own dilly bags with cutlery cups, bowls and plates. We had egg and bacon muffins with cereal and juice. We then got in our bathers and re-packed our day bags to be ready for surfing. 


To get to the beach we took a bus then LOADS of stairs to get to the sand. We all had to carry a surfboard down the stairs until we reached the beach. We got a little demonstration on how to surf then it was our turn! Surfing was probably one of the biggest challenges as it was really hard to get it right. Most people had massive wipeouts (including me) and it was pretty cool seeing some of the seniors (and staff) standing up while surfing. Our group then looked for sea life such as crabs and specific shells (rock pooling). I ended up finding a living crab under a rock, it was fairly small and didn’t look like it would hurt but I didn’t want to touch it just in case. We had to get dressed in the parking lot, which was pretty annoying but at least we were in dry clothes. We drove back to the campsite and did a big walk by the beach, it was like a hike. 


The hike was very long and included a challenging sand dune to climb up. It felt practically impossible to climb but it was worth it once we reached the top. The view was extraordinary, we finally got to run down the hill, which was so much fun! When we finished the hike we went to camp and had another talent show which was funnier and waaay more entertaining than the one the night before. Most people did jokes, dances or just stories. 


The next day we got up, had breakfast and started off the day with a hike. It was easier than the sand dune the day before and was a pretty calm walk. Once we reached the top of the hill the view was the most incredible thing ever! We saw a large pods of dolphins too! We then did the beach olympics and by then, everyone was so tired but glad we didn’t need to wear wet suits again. My favourite part of the beach olympics was building the sand castle as everyone had really crazy ideas, funny names for their castles and were being really creative. The group names some people chose were also really funny too! My group didn’t win but it was still fun to participate. We went back to the campsite and played a lot of games. We mostly played charades, sardines and of course ANOTHER TALENT SHOW!!! 


That night everyone fell asleep pretty fast as we were tired from the hike that day. Waking up and realising that camp was almost over was crazy as it flew by so fast as we were having the best time. In the morning everyone just hung out near a tree in the centre of the camp. Some people climbed it but most of us were just playing chasey around it. We got changed into bathers and set off for another hike but this one was small, it was to just reach the rock pool. We walked by rocks and water until we reached the rock pool which Ms Martin first went in. Then all the seniors were jumping in, doing crazy poses as we jumped in. I dabbed when I jumped in for the second time!! The seniors were encouraging everyone to join in including all students, all camp educators and of course all staff. We had all jumped in at least once and for most of us it was an amazing new experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. After that, a few kids did an even harder hike but most of us stayed back and just walked a bit by the beach and rock pools, which was really nice as the view was great. We then all re-grouped and met by the bus. We got on the bus and headed back to camp for the last night! 


On the last night we had the best time!!! We had, you guessed it, another talent show, which was so much fun!!! We played music and we were all dancing. We also sang, really, really loudly (mainly off-key) and were completely having the best time. It was definitely the most memorable part of camp for me. Everyone got in their tents but there was a noise keeping everyone up. It was like a fox/dingo noise and the teachers were pranking all the students. It was really funny but it got a bit scary at some points, some of us were just screaming! We all eventually fell asleep and woke up at about 5:00 to pack our bags. 


One thing's for sure, unpacking a sleeping bag is much easier than packing it! Unpacking the tent was also quite hard but when we finished packing we had breakfast and all boarded the bus. Group 1 went in one bus and Group 2 went in the other. The bus ride back to school was much different than the way to camp as most of us were sleeping as we were so tired from all the camp activities. But most of the time we were playing games and singing. I’m pretty sure at some point all of us just fell asleep. We arrived at a playground and had the food waiting for us that we ordered from a bakery on the first day. We ate that on the playground. When we finished eating we got back on the bus and before we knew it, we were back at school! 


I really liked this year's camp as it was fun, a new experience that’s so memorable and unforgettable and I had the best time.


- Sofia Gonis