Specialist Subjects

Torrens 2022


Students will commence Semester 2 exploring the world of animals – Tiere – and their habitats in German. They will first master some simple vocabulary, recalling animal names from their R-2 learning, and categorise these animals according to their habitat. They will learn the different animal noises and put these into modelled sentences. Students will view different animals and write observations about their noises, movements, appearance, and habitats. The unit will culminate in the production of a simple information report on German native animal, the hedgehog. This is an opportunity for students to revisit some of their core learning from R-2 and build upon this by interacting with teachers and peers in action-related talk and play about animals, creating short, simple sentences from modelled language, creating an information report in German and English for the classroom and school community, and identifying the audience and purpose of informative texts.


In Term 4, students will read and perform a play version of the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Rottkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood). Students will learn about the German Brothers Grimm - Jakob and Wilhelm, and how many of our favourite Disney films today are in fact adaptions of the Grimms’ collected folk tales. Students will adapt and reinvent the tale of Rottkäppchen, putting a twist of their own creation on the story. Students will identify German as an important European and global language, compare aspects of German and English language and culture that are reflected in Little Red Riding Hood and Rottkäppchen, and respond to Rottkäppchen by identifying favourite elements, sequencing main events and producing short, scaffolded summaries.


Both units will be supported using the Goethe Institute Felix and Franzi puppets, to encourage conversation and risk taking when speaking German.


Students receive 1 x 50 minute German lesson per week on Mondays.


Emma Chesterman


A double Science lesson each week will continue this semester so that students can continue to build onto their skills, knowledge and understandings to develop a scientific view of the world.


This term our main focus will be on Biological Science, exploring living things. Students will further develop their understanding of the needs of living things, in the context of food chains. This will be followed next term by exploring our planet Earth, enabling investigations of the Earth, its resources, rotation and surface. Students will develop an understanding of how natural processes and human activity can cause slow or rapid change to the Earth’s surface.


Throughout the semester students will develop their Science Inquiry Skills through posing questions, making predictions, planning and conducting scientific investigations, and measuring, recording and communicating their observations. Students will develop their writing skills by learning how to write a procedure, recording what happened once they have completed their experiments and observations. Data collection to identify patterns and compare findings with predictions is also a vital component. Safety will be paramount when using all tools and equipment and students are encouraged to actively consider sustainability by being resourceful and not wasteful.


Please remind your child to check the Science Google Classroom weekly to see if they need to collect any items from home for our lessons.  


Sofia Andreucci

Physical Education 

Physical Education continues to support the whole child, fostering their physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive self. 

A highlight from last semester was the Jump Rope for Heart program. Students enjoyed learning new skipping skills and routines and worked their way through the progressions at their own level. It was great to see everyone skipping in their break times, in class and before and after school. 


Premier's Be Active Challenge

This term students will have the opportunity to participate in the 4 week Premier's Be Active Challenge commencing in week 4 and concluding in week 7. 

The Premier’s Be Active Challenge encourages students to be more active more often and improve their health and well being. It’s a great time to be inspired to be active with the Commonwealth Games in full flight and whole school swimming in week 7. 


Your child will be bringing home a Premier's Be Active booklet at the end of week 3. Students are encouraged to keep track of their daily physical activity and it’s recommended that they aim to be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day. After the completion of the 4 week challenge families are to validate their child’s physical activity with a signature and return the form to their class teacher. 


At the end of the challenge all participants will be rewarded with a medal, which will be awarded in November. 


It is hoped that all students get on board and participate in this great initiative. All forms must be returned by Monday 12/9 week 8.


This semester, students will continue to develop and refine fundamental movement skills and increase levels of fitness through net and wall and target games. They will be given opportunities to maintain a rally, attack and defend a space and win a point. Object control skills such as underhand and overhand strikes will be explicitly taught along with locomotor skills such as running and dodging. Students will know the learning intention of each lesson and co construct the success criteria to be successful. At the end of each lesson students are given the opportunity to reflect on how they are tracking, what their strengths are and next steps for improvement. They will continue to use decision-making and problem-solving skills when solving movement tasks safely, learning to follow basic game rules successfully. Using the teaching personal and social responsibility model, they will learn life and social skills during physical activities with a strong focus on self direction and leadership. 


Sports Day

Sports Day will be held in term 4, developing students sportsmanship skills and building confidence in their physical abilities. Students will be practising tabloid events in PE lessons in the lead up to the day. They will also have the opportunity to try out for championship sprints, which will be run-off during the school day. The fastest 2 children from Malurus, Grallina, Brian and Pierson in year levels R-6 will be chosen to participate in the championship sprints on Sports Day. More information will be advertised in the school newsletter closer to the event.


Students are reminded to wear suitable clothing and footwear to all PE lessons to ensure their full participation. 


PE Teacher

Amy Byrnes