Bayside Christian College Newsletter

"Unity and Maturity in Christ"

2022 Issue 15 · 27 Oct 2022

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College Leadership Principal's Message, Congratulations Bayside!, 2023 Vision and Tuition, Arts & Technology Expo, Mid-semester Break and Report-Writing Day, Allwell Academic Testing, Pets at School, Resilient Kids Conference - Free Access to Content, Government changes to COVID-19 Advice and RATs, Dobsons Uniform Shop, 2022 VCAL Christmas Hamper Drive for Pantry Plus, Parenting Ideas: Handling Tricky Friendship Days
Community Events Arts and Technology Expo, Bayside Prayer Group, Community Playgroup, Big Questions Answered, Family Fun Club Christmas Celebration: Sunday 20 November 4pm-6pm, Support the Bayside Crusaders
Early Learning Centre 3-Year-Old Kindergarten , Seaweed Sally, Indigenous Inspired Artwork, Pre-Writing Skills, 4-Year-Old Kindergarten , Sheep Shearing, Lake and Greenhouse Walk, Hairdressing, Museum Incursion, ELC3 Dates to Remember, ELC4 Dates to Remember, All 2023 Prep Transition Days
Primary News Thank You Assembly, Year 12 Parade, Prep Dinner, Primary Assembly, Icypoles, Student Diary 2023, Year 6 Graduation Preparations , Upcoming Dates, Transition Dates, Music Showcase Evening, Prep Animals, Years 1/2 Dinner and Sleepover, Silkworms, 1/2T Chicks, Buddies, Primary Art, Regional Athletics
Junior Secondary News Year Resiliency Day, Secondary Performing Arts, Year 7 Agriculture, Years 9/10 OES
Senior Secondary News Year 12 Celebrations, Moonlit Sanctuary VCAL Working Session, The Great Outdoors VCAL Practice Cooking Session, Physics, Coat Hangers for Years 9/10 Performing Arts
Careers Corner Year 9 Work Experience, VET Course Enrolments, Year 10/11 VCE Subjects, A Reminder for Year 12 Students, Make a Booking

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