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Mathematics - Making links with Real Life Events - Tokyo Olympics 2020/2021


Thank you to parents who have provided their children with potatoes this week.


Why potatoes you might ask?


Children in the JLA and MLA have been participating in the Potato Olympics in their classrooms this week. There has been a high level of engagement.

Events have included, rolling, throwing, balancing, catching; and links have been made to measurement, both using informal and formal units.


SLA students have been looking specifically at Time and how this is used and recorded at the Olympics - schedules, timetables, events which are timed, and for example - the time difference between winning gold or silver.


Congratulations to the Preps on reaching their 100 days - the day was enjoyed and celebrated by all. They worked so hard on creating their '100' t-shirts.


Thank you to Cara who has provided many Olympic themed activities for all children to participate in at lunchtimes - in addition to the work she does in PE.


Please take some time to view the Olympic Timeline on the hall glass wall, (Thank you Cara).


We hope you and your family enjoy watching the remainder of the Olympics and the Paralympics - who knows a future Olympiad many be within our SJW Community.


Kind regards Jill Marr