This week on Wednesday 2nd September, we celebrated National Indigenous Literacy Day. In past years, this occasion has taken place at Sydney Opera House with children from remote communities, local schools, ILF ambassadors and supporters. This year, due to COVID-19, it was open for the first time to everyone – Australia-wide! ILF Ambassador Jessica Mauboy sang an Australian favourite, while ILF ambassadors Anita Heiss, Andy Griffiths, Alison Lester, Shelley Ware, Josh Pyke, Gregg Dreiss, Jared Thomas, Natalie Ahmat, co-Patron June Oscar AO, and special guest Uncle Archie Roach  joined with the kids and community members from Jilkminggan and the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory to share some delightful stories. The 45-minute event went live on Youtube at 12.30pm on Wednesday and can still be watched on YouTube any time that suits. 




Below also is a link to some fantastic stories that are available in our story box library. Remember you can find a copy of log on details in in Compass in the  School Resources folder in the document NPS Learning at Home.



Ms Oliver