Student Awards 

Student of the Week - 21/08/2020

Prep/1A - Aleeyah - For attempting all areas of your learning with wonderful enthusiasm. You are doing a fabulous job! 

Prep/1J - Millie - For completing and working hard recently on writing and math’s tasks!  

Well done Millie! 

1/2R - Asher - For giving his mum some time off from cooking by following recipe instructions on how to make pizza baked potatoes. 

2/3C - Zavier M. - For your fantastic and imaginative clock. Who would have thought you can make a clock out of Lego! 

3/4S - Liam W. - Liam, I love the focused way you are approaching your Remote Learning – you are producing work of great quality and submitting it on time! 

3/4S - Declan - For some excellent work submitted in good time! I particularly liked your entertaining Figurative Language poster! 

3/4W - Riley - Well done on developing your independent work habits by submitting your work in Compass this week by yourself. Good job.   

5/6H - Jade H. - For working hard to ensure you submit quality learning tasks. You asked relevant questions and sought answers to things you needed to clarify. You have joined our Teams Meetings every day and participated in group discussions. Keep up the good work Jade!

5/6S - Matthew - During remote learning this term, you have shown great persistence as you successfully completed and submitted a range of tasks. Your work on the Text Features learning task was excellent! A fantastic effort! 

Music - Bailey and Aiden P. - For the creation of some excellent instruments and a great performance in your lounge room. Great teamwork and musicality.

Art - Anna and Angus N. - For a productive and creative week in Art. Well done with your homemade juggling balls and the industrious way in which you made them.

Science - Marli - For an awesome job in the topic of Space and for producing a great experiment. Well done Marli!    



Student of the Week - 28/08/2020

Prep/1A - Harmony - For being a responsible family member at home, helping wherever you can without being asked. You are clearly a mature young lady. Great work Harmony! 

Prep/1J - Jemma -  For working hard and producing excellent writing and math’s results!  Well done Jemma! 

1/2R - Jack - For doing a great job with his home learning both at home and the days that he is at school. Well done Jack, keep it up!

2/3C -  

3/4S - Angus - You are showing such a terrific attitude to everything you touch in Remote Learning Angus – wonderful quality is shining through! 

3/4S - Holly - For beautifully presented Learning Tasks – also, your approach to our sundial investigation was thoughtful and extremely reflective. 

3/4W - Will - For resubmitting learning tasks after reading feedback comments. You are really getting on top of your learning in the remote setting.  Well done!

5/6H - Adam - For completing all your learning tasks this week. Your procedural writing was correctly sequenced with clear, informative instructions. You achieved a very good score on your CARS article and successfully completed the subtraction task. A great week’s learning! 

5/6S - Patrick - During remote learning this term you have shown great persistence as you very successfully completed and submitted a range of tasks. Your work on the comprehension and procedural tasks was excellent! A fantastic effort! 

Music - Lily P. (and Tully) - For a simple and yet creative instrument which made a range or musical sounds. You kept a really steady beat and it was great that Tully could help out.

Art - Charlotte - For a creative and well thought out piece of ‘Laundry Art’. Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly painting has never looked like that before. Well done Charlotte.  

Science - Patrick - For outstanding work in Science this week for the topic of Space using the online learning program Stile. It was great to see that you took the time to answer all questions to the best of your ability.