Secondary Campus Awards 

End of Term Assembly - Award Winners



Learner of the Term

7A - Nicholas M -  For working well with his brother to create various Remote Art Club tasks.

7B -  Alannah C - For going above and beyond with her effort and achievement in English.

7C - Aria D -  For asking for and responding positively to feedback across a number of domains.

7D - Chloe H - For demonstrating a really consistent & conscientious effort in English.



Citizenship Award for each Value

Learning - Safi A

Respect -  Farhan A 

Teamwork - Michael I

Leadership - Mia J




Learner of the Term

8A - Dylan T - For completing all his STEM activities and consistently producing high quality work.

8B - Sarah B - For her effort and dedication to STEM during remote learning.

8C - Esther F - For consistently completing her Inquiry tasks on time and to a great standard

8D - Cassie M - For her dedication to completing her English hurdle tasks each week.


Citizenship Award for each Value

Leadership - Swaide T

Respect - Shea H

Teamwork - Wadih S

Learning - Tanvi D



Learner of the term

9A – Jakson R - For being actively engaged and efficient in submitting work in Science.

9B – Logan G -  For maintaining consistently high growth rates in Maths and continuing to extend himself with more challenging content. 

9C - Merissa T - For showing resilience over remote learning in Inquiry, through participating in challenging topics, supporting her family and maintaining communication via Showbie.

9D - Jonathan D - For actively participating in Zoom classes and creating a comfortable environment for his peers.


Citizenship Award for each Value

Learning – BJ B

Respect – Carla Z

Teamwork – Chloe T

Leadership – Louise K



Learner of the term

10A - Andre S - For setting clear fortnightly goals and implementing strategies to achieve steady growth in his maths. 

10B - Vivi A - For creating a great footpath campaign to help raise awareness about mental health.

10C - Georgia D - For keeping up to date with both Mathematics and Psychology tasks to a very good standard as well as attempting optional puzzles and brain breaks.

10D - Hunter S -  For consistently putting in effort and determination to complete all tasks in Biology.


Citizenship Award for each Value

Learning - Emily F

Respect - Rosaliana P

Teamwork - Brooke C

Leadership - Daniel D