From Principal Team 

Term 3 is done and dusted.  While not quite the Term we would have expected a Term of challenges and success for all our Lakes people.  The students and their amazing families are the real heroes here as they pulled together with hugs, belief in each other and I am sure a few tears to see it through.  We made it because of your efforts. So, with a remote high five and a thumbs up Lakers we salute you and tip our hats to an awesome outcome.


As you may be aware, the Department of Education and Training have now released their Operations Guide for Term 4. This information will provide us with important guidance in our organisational and management procedures in regards to onsite and remote flexible learning. The following priorities for students and staff will guide our School operations in Term 4. 


Priority 1 - Well-being and Equity 

The well-being, and particularly the mental health, of every student and member of staff is the highest priority. This means: 

  • encouraging and sustaining motivation for learning
  • re-engaging students and families where needed
  • supporting the social and emotional learning of children and young people alongside curriculum-based learning
  • ensuring support for school staff, who have sustained their efforts through multiple transitions this year.


Priority 2 - Learning and Excellence 

Contact with our parents and students tells us some students have been better able to progress in their learning through the remote period, while some have, despite their best efforts and those of their families and teachers, not progressed in their learning. As a result: 

  • It will be important to meet all students at their point of need – both to support those who have not progressed in their learning and to those who have progressed to continue to extend and stretch their learning.
  • Literacy and numeracy across the curriculum remain a focus, but there will be a significant emphasis on PE, the Art and Technology for Term 4.


There will be a shift to a range of small group learning opportunities as students return to school 


Priority 3 - Transitions 

Term 4 is a critical period, particularly for the children moving from Kindergarten into Foundation and from Year 6 into Year 7.  While most students in other year levels will prepare for a change of teachers and new classmates, a focus will be on supporting the transition of our Kindergarten to Foundation students and our Year 6 to Year 7. As a result: 

  • Every effort to ensure each of these end-of-year and beginning-of-year transitions occurs as successfully as possible.
  • Organisation and management of appropriate ways to conduct orientations and end-of-year celebrations will be determined to best support and celebrate our students in line with staged restrictions.


We will be working very hard to reconnect with our students and families on our staggered return to onsite learning. Our focus will be on rebuilding student and staff well-being, providing targeted and focused Literacy and Numeracy programs and providing Kindergarten to Foundation and Year 6 to Year 7 transition opportunities. 


We are looking forward to the return of onsite learning for Foundation to Year 2 from Monday 12th October and we will inform our Year 3 to Year 6 families when we have a confirmed onsite learning start date. 


While restrictions must be maintained to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students, we are hopeful that we will be able to rebuild and celebrate our student learning growth together. 

You have all received a letter via Sentral with the operational and organisational procedures to begin the term and we thank you for following these directives. 


We farewell Angela from our Year 6 team and Claire Strasser and Aaron & Arlo are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of Edelie Violet McCoullough. Arlo has nicknamed her Edie Mac, so they are sticking with it.



Please enjoy the amazing video clip on Facebook, our tribute to you, we really do miss you, together with the end of Term awards. We wish you a relaxing term holiday break and encourage you all to put your technology away and enjoy the sun, fresh air and family activities.  Please be safe and kind to each other.


Kerrie, Bill and Marcus