with the Specialists

Each week throughout Remote Learning, the Specialist Team consisting of Physical Education, Performing Arts and Korean have been presenting their lessons of work to the students through various technology means.


In Physical Education, Rick and Katherine collaborate on Google Slides to begin with so that they can both access and edit the lessons for the following week. This is a convenient way for more than one person to be working together on one document. The layout of the presentation and information text is created first. An iPhone is used to film videos and take photos demonstrating the specific skills and activities and added to the lessons. iMovie is then used to speed up and slow down sections, cut and edit the videos and to add sound effects. The slides are converted into a movie followed by uploading them onto the Seesaw and Showbie platforms. Each week we ask for students to respond to the lesson either by a text response, a video, photos or filling in a template. This allows student’s participation and engagement to be gauged.


In Performing Arts, Mrs. Polson uses a combination of different applications on her iPad to make learning videos for different year levels. Movavi is an app with great elements that she uses for editing her videos, such as backgrounds, audio, creating layers on top videos, adding text and transition. Sometimes she imports movies of herself performing the song into iMovie to use the split screen function to video herself performing the actions to the song. Garage Band has been used to write songs and compose audio tracks. All of the illustrations have been designed as Clip Art using an iPad and Apple Pen on Adobe Illustrator and Draw. 

"The BEST APP of Remote Learning 2.0 has been using the Puppet Pals App to make the Years One and Two students puppet videos! I highly recommend it."


In Korean, Miss Choi has been creating video tutorials with iMovie to maximise students’ language learning experiences at home. The visual contents in the tutorials are from Google slides that were used in classrooms and that students are familiar with. Tasks involve voice or video recording and filling in digital worksheets. A number of students who were at school willingly participated in creating video tutorials by demonstrating what they have learned. This term, online game activities that are tailored for our school’s Korean study are also provided in order to make learning fun. Online learning contents are evolving and she cannot wait to implement new ideas for our students for coming weeks!


We really do appreciate the time and effort the students and families are putting into these submissions. It is wonderful during these remote times that we can still stay connected with our Miners Rest students.


Here are some examples of e-Learning being used during Remote Learning.

  1. The Sharp family demonstrating their passing skills for PE. Learning remotely means that Katherine and Rick are able to view the students demonstrating specific skills and provide feedback to them.
  2. Addyson from Room 3 responding to Miss Choi's Korean lesson about the Korean Alphabet. Students are able to submit responses and Miss Choi can provide feedback to celebrate their learning.
  3. An example of a visual chart Mrs. Polson created on an iPad for the Year Five and Six students when learning about body percussion. Mrs. Polson is able to create engaging learning tools when teaching remotely.