Performing Arts

Performing Arts during Remote Learning


During weeks five and six of remote learning, the Foundation students continued to explore their music unit of Air, Land and Sea. Our focus for these two weeks was "air" and so we learnt a rocket song called "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom." 


The children practiced and performed this song in many different ways over the two weeks. They used instruments, made rocket ships out of cardboard boxes, performed to an audience of teddy bears, rocked their teddy bears to sleep, dressed up in costumes and made up new words and actions to the song. It was a very creative two weeks!


 I would like to thank all of the parents, carers and siblings for supporting the children in building confidence in their singing and music making. I hope it has brought some sunshine into your homes. Keep up the wonderful work! 



Years One and Two

During weeks five and six of remote learning, our Years One and Two students have completed their voice recordings for their puppet plays and have completed their individual student reflections. It was wonderful to hear some great feedback about how the children have enjoyed learning about and practicing for their puppet plays. There was some wonderful suggestions for what the children would like to do next and some ways to improve our process. I am currently working on putting each puppet play together, however it is taking a very long time to complete the videos. Thank you for your patience. I am using a really cool app called Puppet Pals and am very excited about sharing these videos with you. In the coming weeks, the Years One and Two students will be learning dinosaur songs and poems to continue the work they have been doing in our singing workshops! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the students remote learning activities I don’t have any photos to share this week. 


Years Three and Four

During the first two weeks of remote learning, our Years Three and Four students have been learning cup rhythms. We have begun learning part one and part two of the cup song, famously known from the movie Pitch Perfect. Children have been practicing, taking on feedback and refining their performance of both parts of the song. Their challenge this week has been to put both parts together to perform the full song. Some children have worked really hard to master this and are teaching their families at home and taking on extension opportunities. I am very proud of their efforts. In the coming weeks, we will continue to develop our skills and even compose our own rhythms. 



Years Five and Six

During the first two weeks of remote learning the Years Five and Six students have been learning the Samoan 10 Step Body Percussion Challenge. The challenge starts off simple with a tap on your knees and a clap of your hands and as you make your way further into the steps it becomes more and more challenging with fast, cross body percussion. The children have been very motivated to master each step in the process and perform it as fast as they can. Some students have used it as a brain brake activity to refresh their minds. Excellent initiative. This week the students are up to learning steps five and six.