Onsite Attendance, Staying Connected & Energy Levels

Onsite Attendance

For those families who have applied for and been approved to have access to onsite supervision; you have been sent a link to the email you used in the application process. This attendance form is where you log the days you are requiring over the next fortnight. The link will close at 5pm Thursday, so please check your emails and contact the office if you did not receive this. 


When completing the attendance form, please be as accurate as you can to support staffing rosters. 


For families who have not yet required the support of onsite supervision, but now find circumstances have changed, you will need to go through the application process that starts with filling out a google form. Once you submit this, the application process can take a few days, and may also require extra information being provided. Please contact the office if you need access to the google application form.


Quote of the week ~ Be the reason someone smiles today.

Staying Connected

Miners Rest students are maintaining fabulous attendance at the various Webex sessions offered throughout the week. These are an important contact point with their teachers and peers to maintain strong connections within our learning community. 


The individual Webex sessions are perhaps the most vital session of the week for students, parents and teachers. During these sessions, one on one support is offered for clarifying learning tasks, explaining assessments and answering any questions that have arisen. 


Parents ~ this individual session is the perfect opportunity for you to bring up any challenges you might be experiencing with learning tasks, submitting work or attending Webex meetings. The teachers are always willing to listen, assist or adjust your child's learning program to make their remote learning experience the most successful it can be. Please don't feel that the individual Webex sessions are only there to support the students. We know that the remote learning journey we are on is affecting whole families and our staff are there to support you. 


Tess Kelly

Wellbeing Coordinator 


Energy Levels

G’day Miners Rest Community,

Last week, I was attending a seminar on Wellbeing and Energy Levels which, as I was sitting through, I was thinking was pretty boring. I really don’t enjoy online seminars!


Afterwards, I reflected and thought about how being stuck in a second lock down can seem more draining than ever. I realised that I was actually feeling low in my energy for engaging in life. While I may be doing less, I am often not feeling more refreshed. You may feel similar. We have seemingly more time than ever to focus on ourselves, yet you might be feeling you have less energy than ever. 


Our personal energy comes in four types: 

  • our Mind (our thoughts and values)
  • our Physical Body
  • our Emotions (made up of all our emotional experiences and memories); and
  • Spirit (our feeling of purpose or meaning in life beyond ourselves).

Now is a good time then to consider how our energy levels are going. That is, checking in with ourselves; Mind (mental pursuits), Body (living healthy), Emotions (informed, not controlled, by our emotions), and Spirit (living in a way that gives us purpose).


How much energy do you have in each of those areas? 

When you are feeling energised in Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions, you are being the best version of you.  If we are aren’t doing well in any of those areas, it tends to pull us down in the rest of our life - and that is an energy sapping place to be.


Here are three helpful questions if this is you.


Who can you go to for support, encouragement and accountability? 

Life is mean to be lived in community and you don’t have to go it alone. If you need support, please reach out for it.


What can you do yourself to improve?

Ideas could include: 

  • Gratitude Journal and Work 100% then switch off and Rest 100%
  • Minimise distractions or Limit unhelpful Social Media Usage
  • Spend quality time with Family and Nature; and
  • Prioritise Sleep, Eating well, and Physical Activity.

What could you focus on to give you energy?

Some quick suggestions to try are:

  • Health
  • Having Fun
  • Relationships
  • Volunteering
  • Career; and
  • Personal Development.

This lock down is a great opportunity for us to focus on giving out the best of ourselves, not just being holed up until Covid is over. Living life drained, just makes life harder. Awareness around our energy levels and focusing on growing our energy helps us thrive, even during lock down. 


Know that I am available at Miners Rest if you need to chat or find extra support for you and/or your family.


Take care, Stay Safe and Keep Connected

Jesse Winter

School Chaplain