Pupils of the Week

Last week's pupils of the week


These students will be awarded their certificates at the following assemblies:

Monday 8th May

Willow J (PA) - For being a wonderful role model to others.  She always demonstrates initiative and shows her Personal Best with her learning.  You're a superstar, Willow!

William A (PB) - For always doing your Personal Best work! I loved how many rhyming words you could think of for our rhyming wall! Well done, Will!

Ryan B (34A) - For his lovely manners, enthusiasm and his respectful behaviour when working with parent helpers in our unit.  It was lovely to hear a parent 'sing his praises' this week and see Ryan taking pride in his work.

Nika F (34B) - For making such an outstanding start to her new school.  Nika displays terrific Attentive Listening skills in class and she always tries her Personal Best.  Welcome and well done, Nika!

Indigo B (34C) - For her outstanding effort she puts into her homework each week!  Indigo goes above and beyond the required homework weekly tasks.  She presents her work neatly and clearly.  Keep it up, Indigo - you're a star!

Jamie C (56A) - For the fantastic ethusiasm he showed during the Cluster Leadership program.  Jamie is developing some great reflection skills towards his leadership role.

Erica Griffin (56B) - For demonstrating leadership qualities in the classroom.  Erica is always willing to help anyone in need.  Thank you, Erica.  You are a great role model.

Monday 15th May

Seth S (PA) - For trying his Personal Best with his learning. He is doing a fantastic job at spotting the rhyming words with our 'Rhyme Time' topic.  Seth is also doing a great job of being an excellent friend. Keep it up!

Amelia M (PB) - For your incredible counting-on skills. I am so impressed at how quickly you have learnt this new skill! You're a star, Amelia!

Jordan M (34A) - For the way Jordan handled a difficult situation with some of his peers this week. Jordan did himself proud, using his TRIBES agreements and demonstrating restraint.  What a good role model, Jordan!

Shureya N (34B) - For bringing such  a positive and friendly attitude to school every day.  This, along with the Mutual Respect that she shows her peers has enabled her to make lots of friends at her new school.

Patrick B (34C) - For the wonderful job Patrick did on his inquiry project. Patrick worked hard to make his project engaging and tried his Personal Best to present it well.  Keep it up!

Alec C (56A) - For his fantastic problem solving during Maths and STEAM.  Alec has a very inquiring mind and is ready for a challenge.

Sam V (56B) - For showing fantastic Mutual Respect and Attentive Listening druing our Topic session with our guest speaker.  Well done, Sam!