Senior School Report

Message from the

Director of Learning

- Mr. Jonathan Roberts

As our 2019 senior classes come to a close, we would like to congratulate all our VCAL students on their achievements this year and wish them all the best over the next few weeks as Year 12 students head off to full time work or prepare themselves for future studies in 2020. It is also a great opportunity for our Year 11 VCAL students to experience more time in the workforce before they come back to start their 2020 year during Headstart.


The Year 12 VCE students had a fantastic send off before their study and exam periods started. In a Westall first, the Year 12s participated in a colour run activity, which they all loved, followed by a celebration breakfast the next day, farewell assembly and afternoon activities at Sidetracked. A big thank you to Mrs Gatsios and all the staff who helped to organise and make these activities such a memorable way for students to finish at the school.

Most of the Year 12s have now completed the majority of their exams and we wish those students still going with their exams, all the best. For those who have finished, congratulations on all your hard work this year. Take the time to reflect on what you have achieved and make the most of a well earnt rest. We wish you all the best for your future and hope that you achieve your ambitions for the future.


Year 11 VCE students have now completed their Unit 2 courses, which means their attention now shifts to exam revision. The exam period starts on Friday 22nd of November and finishes on Thursday 28th of November. Students must check their Compass Newsfeed for the exam timetable. Please make sure you arrive early for your exam, in correct school uniform, with your Student ID and approved exam materials. We wish all the students the very best for their exams.


The Headstart program, where students start their 2020 timetable, begins on Monday 2nd December. Current Year 10s and 11s will participate in one week of classes. This is a great chance for students to get a feel for their subjects for next year and understand what is required of them when they return in 2020.


Lastly, we look forward to welcoming families of our Year 12s and all major award winners across the school, to our Graduation Night, on Thursday 28th November.

Year 11 VCE Business Management

& Year 11 VCAL Mock Job Interviews


Fighting their nerves, the Year 11 students participated in Mock Job Interviews on Tuesday, 29th October. Students prepared resumes and cover letters, that they presented to an interviewer who they had not met before. Students presented themselves professionally and learned the protocols around job interviews, including the art of a solid handshake. All students walked away with the skills and experience to apply for any job they desire in the near future. Well done to students who took on this challenge!


Ms Kristina Vasilakis

VCE Business Management/Humanities Teacher