From Un-Co Giraffes to Graceful Gazelles!

Of Lessons...

On 5 August, the Year 10 cohort arrived at the St Brigid’s College gym straight after school for the start of what would be three weeks of dance lessons with the St Brigid’s girls. Quite honestly, we had no idea what to expect on that first day, it was not long before we were all looking forward to the next lesson. In fact, it was great to see that after three and a half years of health lessons the boys finally understood the meaning of personal hygiene and eagerly put it into practice.


Never have the Year 10 boys looked so sharp and smelt so good. In the first few dance lessons my peers were a bit nervous, their palms a bit sweaty, faces a bit red, and their dance moves a bit awkward! However, over the course of the six dance lessons the Year 10 cohort left their second left foot at the door, and went from un-co giraffes to graceful gazelles, quickly mastering group dancing in a circle as well as partner dancing. This included a jive competition in which 20 fast-footed partners were selected to compete in a final round on the night. I can honestly say on behalf of the Year 10’s, after the three weeks, all of the boys were having a great time, and even the shyest of boys found themselves more at ease, conversing and dancing with the St Brigid’s girls. The social we had all once been dreading, we were all now eagerly looking forward to.




And Dancing...

On 28 August at 7:00pm, the St Brigid’s gym was flooded with handsome young men and lovely young women, ready for a wonderful night of socialising and dancing the night away. The night began with some of the dances we had learnt, followed by some free dancing to the music that the St Brigid’s DJ’s had selected. Soon after we all took to the dance floor for some lively line dancing and then cheered on the jive competition finals, in which Jenn Hurley – Green won from Mazenod, along with Samantha Dewar winning from St Brigid’s. Over the course of the night, Connor Vanzetti became a DJ on behalf of Mazenod. He played some awesome music and everyone gathered to form a massive mosh pit to jump to the WUBS. Finally, we got to give our feet a rest while we were lucky enough to watch the best Latin dance couple in Australia perform for us. In between all the dancing we got to chat to the St Brigid’s girls, share some laughs and get to know everyone a little better. I know all my peers will agree when I say it was an amazing night, and certainly a stand-out event, we won’t soon forget for Year 10. 

A special thank you to St Brigid’s College for hosting the dance lessons and the social. Thank you to Todd and his instructors for their excellent dance instruction and patience! A big thank you to the Mazenod and St Brigid’s staff for giving up their time for us (although we made it easy because we were all so well behaved!). Finally, a special thank you to the St Brigid’s girls for a great night.


Mason Houlahan