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Saturday 7 September

Oblate Staff Conference 

Oblate Staff Formation Conference 

Sunday 8 September

Monday 9 September

OLNA Reading 

Oblate Staff Conference 

Y9 Exams 

Tuesday 10 September

ACC Athletics Meet (2:30pm) 

Oblate Staff Conference 

P&F Meeting 

Y9 Exams 

Wednesday 11 September

Compassion and Charity Mass 

OLNA Numeracy 

Y11 Leadership Camp 

Y9 Exams 

04:00pm - 05:05pm  Year 7 WAFC Competition 

Thursday 12 September

Y11 Leadership Camp 

Y12 HB Excursion 

Y9 Exams 

Friday 13 September

8A Mass 

Best of the Fest 

Y11 Leadership Camp 

Y9 Exams 

School Calendar


Download the school calendar app onto your smartphone in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Click the link below

Android - Google Play: Teamup

Android Tutorial

Apple - App Store: Teamup

iOS Tutorial

Step 2: Insert our calendar URL into the Teamup App: